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Russian Scientist: Expect Cooling – Pols Sitting On The Wrong Horse In the German edition of Ria Novosti, Russian scientist Oleg Pokrovsky of the Main Geophysical Observatory says the world should expect cooling – and not warming – and that this will interfere with Russia’s plans to exploit the Arctic’s rich resources. The climate has been cooling since 1998. At a climate research conference for […]

We're To Blame

A new potentially dangerous fungus seems to have appeared in the Northwest US and British Columbia, this according to Reuters. ‘This novel fungus is worrisome because it appears to be a threat to otherwise healthy people,’ said Edmond Byrnes of Duke University in North Carolina, who led the study. When I was reading this, […]

Actually Thoughtful – Would Be Nice

This is in response to some good questions/points by reader Actually Thoughtful in my previous post. Indeed environmental restrictions have made a contribution in cleaning up the environment. But technology, awareness and the overall continued path of progress have also made major contributions. And keep in mind that placing stifling regulation on industries at home often […]

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