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Global Warming Is Off The Radar!

Earth to Gore! Earth to Gore! Do you read? I remember seeing Gallup polls listing Global Warming and Environment separately, and almost always near the bottom on the list of concerns. But I don’t ever recall GW being relegated to obscurity – but maybe I’m wrong here. Anyway the “climate crisis”, as Gore likes to call it, […]

Green Solar Cells: The New Love Canal?

      Install solar panels, and save the planet! Well, not so fast. Solar cells are high-tech electronic products that contain hazardous materials. Mother Jones took a look at the solar industry, and what they found isn’t pretty. It cites a survey conducted by the Silicon Valley Toxics Coalition (SVTC) with 25 solar cell companies, and […]

Solar Cells Set World Record in Efficiency (And Cost)

According to Die Welt online, a team of German physicists at the Freiburger Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems set a new world record by making a solar cell that can convert 41.1% of the sun’s light into electricity. Today’s typical silicium panels on homes don’t even reach 20%. How did they do it? According […]

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