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Robbed! Referee Hallucinates And Sees Infraction That Didn't Exist!

Voodoo Policymaking

Again the excellent Readers Edition here has an excellent piece on Pachauri, which I’ve written here in English. Pachauri became Chairman of the IPCC in 2002.The following is his little-publicised partial resume of some of the posts he’s held. Now if you look closely and squint your eyeballs really hard, you might see a conflict of interest […]

FOCUS On Desertification – Misleading Its Readers

In yet another “we’re all threatened by climate change” piece, the German online FOCUS magazine presents here a piece on the desertification of the earth, of course all worsened by climate change. FOCUS quotes a source: Almost 33.3% of the earth’s surface is threatened by so-called desertification. Right off the bat I have trouble with that statement […]

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