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Russian Scientists: Sun Is Waking Up! Solar Particles Reaching the Earth and Magnetic Storms Possible

Solar cycle 24 took its time getting started, and when it did, it sputtered and faded. But that’s about to change, reports the German edition of the online Russian news service Ria Novosti here.Russian scientists say that the sun will soon come alive after having observed a total eclipse at Easter Island in the Pacific yesterday. They […]

Exasperated German Environment Minister To Environmentalists: "Show Us Your Proposal!"

Not long ago environmentalists stridently demanded mankind stop its addiction to fossil fuels and convert to renewable energy sources, like wind power. And so some countries did just that. But now we’re finding out that environmentalists don’t like that either.Today Der Spiegel online reports that environmentalists are going to court and challenging almost every planned windpark […]

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