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Skepticism In The Crowded Theater, Is It Next?

The array of strategies the green-outside, red-brown-inside activists keep plotting never ceases to amaze me. The latest comments come from Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer in an interview with George Stephanopoulus, and provide a window to another page of the enviro-Mein-Kampf playbook. In the interview, Stephanopoulos asks Breyer, on burning the Koran, if the First Amendment ought to be […]

“La Niña Intensifies” – Forecasters Revise Projections; La Niña Will Be Deeper Than First Expected.

The Australian Bureau of Meterorology has just released its latest ENSO Report. It starts out with: The La Niña event in the Pacific Ocean has strengthened further over the past two weeks. All computer models surveyed by the Bureau predict the La Niña will last through the southern hemisphere spring, with the majority indicating the […]

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