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Tianjin Failure – No Hope For Cancun Climate Deal. It’s Over!

Approximately 3000 delegates from 177 countries flew to China and negotiated 6 days long, trying to find common ground for a treaty in Cancun in December. The news from Tianjin, China  is out. The result? FAILURE Der Spiegel writes here: No concessions were reached on the questions of climate protection, observers reported – despite 6 days […]

Schellnhuber Admits: “Climate Science” Would Not Stand A Chance In A Public Debate

That’s the amazing thing warmist and alarmist Prof Hans Joachim Schellnhuber has recently admitted, according to Der Spiegel here (read the last paragraph). Now in English here! And again they assert that the public is just too stupid to have a say in this important public issue. Schellnhuber even compares himself, his fellow “climate scientists” […]

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