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UK’s Landscape Beautification Project!

When are people going to wake up to this madness? The landscape and scenery are being ruined. (25 min. video) Hat tip to R. de Haan

Reduced Land Surface Water Evaporation Contradicts Beliefs – Researchers “Very Surprised” By Latest Findings

So much for settled science! With every new climate study, the science just gets more and more unsettled. Germany’s Max Planck Institute’s latest press release is about a new paper titled: Tracking the Evapotranspiration Cycle Reduced evaporation from the earth’s surface despite warming of the atmosphere to appear in Nature Journal, click here, and is titled […]

Andrew Marr’s Tantrum – Now We Know Why They Fantasize About Red Buttons

The self-anointed elite class of “real” journalists exposes the raw hostility and contempt it harbours for the very citizenry it purports to serve. Sometimes you read something, somewhere, that causes many people to get angry. But the latest piece by the UK Guardian, Andrew Marr unloads on citizen bloggers, calling them “inadequate, pimpled, very drunk, […]

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