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Potsdam Institute For Climate Impact Research: “Global Warming Could Cool Down Temperatures”

H/t: This is no joke. Warming now leads to cooling! That’s the latest scientific news that our tax money has bought from Potsdam – from the house of Schellnhuber and Stefan Rahmstorf.This is what happens when you take activist physicists off the street, give them super-computers and a license to forecast. Here’s their press release: ========================================= […]

Michael Mann's hockey stick chart Fig 1b of the IPCC TAR

Wajib Perhatikan Hal Ini Sebelum Mendaftar Akun Judi Poker Online

Judi kartu poker memanglah ialah tipe game judi kartu yang mana lumayan memiliki banyak peminat. Dimana judi kartu yang satu ini sangatlah seru buat dimainkan sebab dapat lebih dari 6 pemain dalam tiap putaran. Pasti membagikan keseruan pula keuntungan yang lebih nyatanya dari segi hasil kemenangan dalam judi kartu poker tersebut. Banyaknya member pada agen […]

While Europe is fretting about a heating planet in Cancun, much of it is forecast to be frozen over.

Specially Ordered For Cancun

Anthony Watts reports here on how a Canadian climate bill just bit the dust (hooray!). We also know there’s no chance the US Congress passing anything, and that the French government just killed plans for a Super Environment Ministry, read here. So what on earth are Europeans going to do in Cancun when the rest of the […]

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