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Photo source: Wikipedia

Snow In China Arrives 40 Days Early – 700 Heads Of Livestock Die. Record Cold IN UK

Not only Europe is getting walloped by winter, so are some regions in China, where the most snow has fallen in 30 years. The early snowstorms have isolated herdsman living in remote areas, see map, and Chinese relief services dispatched assistance. According to Snow storms has hit four towns in Xing’an Prefecture, a pasture region […]

Die Zeit Takes Aim At The Skeptics In “The Abetters of Doubt”

The Climate-Berlin Wall surrounding Germany has been cracking for some time now, and crumbling with increasing speed. Die Zeit’s online smear The Abetters of Doubt takes aim at the skeptics, who have scaled the Wall and are exercising their right to free expression. They are hammering away at climate science dogmatism in Germany, much to the […]

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