Record Cold December In Cuba! India Shivers!

I thought this kind of stuff didn’t happen way down there in the tropical Caribbean. All that global-warming-caused cold seems to be spreading everywhere.

The German online Die Zeit today has a video clip here, and writes:

According to meteorologists, it was the coldest December on the Carribean island in 50 years. In some regions the temperature fell to 1.9°C.”

In the clip one man is quoted as saying that 15°C is already cold for Cuba. The Head Cuban Meteorologist says “the weather is going to get more extreme and that hurricanes will be stronger”. Yeah yeah. The clip then adds:

Most Cubans can’t recall ever having such cold weather.”

Last winter was also a harsh one in Cuba. Last January, 26 patients at a psychiatric hospital in Havana died as a result of cold weather, so reports the M&C News here. But we can’t really blame climate change for that, now can we? There are accusations that the hospital was too poorly equipped to care for the patients. M&C reports:

Cuba provides free universal health care. The communist state admits that its system is in a poor state, but blames the US trade embargo, which makes it difficult to import medical supplies and equipment.

Sure – blame warming for all the cold, and so let’s blame US capitalism for failed socialism too. You Canadians may want to go elsewhere for your holidays this winter.

Cold In India

It’s also has been very cold in India too. The Swiss 20 min reports of “extreme cold”.  20min writes:

Alone in the state of Uttar Pradesh 24 people have died over the last days, reports the newspaper the «Times of India» on Monday. There were three additioonal deaths in the Indian part of Kaschmir, where temperatures on -23°C were measured over the weekend. According to forecasts by meteorologists.

5 responses to “Record Cold December In Cuba! India Shivers!”

  1. Nonoy Oplas

    This is indeed global cooling, from the NH to the tropics down to the SH. Here in the Philippines for instance, there are rising cases of flu, pneumonia, related diseases north of the country, while the middle and southern parts of the country has been battered by heavy rains and flooding.

  2. ArndB

    An interesting contrast: “Not So Cool Predictions”, Posted on 4 January 2011 by dana198, at , with little to say from my side, except my astonishment
    __about Fig.1, showing the “Build-up in total Earth Heat Content since 1950”,
    –(a) concerning the ratio between ocean & land,
    –(b) do the really believe that that can measure the increase of the ocean heat content (which is usually claimed possible for the surface layer down to 700 metres) .
    __How the rest of the ocean depth of further about 3000 metres, which seem not to be of relevance for those claiming to have any knowledge of the ‘ocean heat content’, although the total average of the ocean temperature is not more than about 4°C.

    In another section of SKEPTICALSCIENCE : “Skeptic Arguments and What the Science Says”, about the impact of the ocean under the remote position of
    ___ No. 55: “Why ocean heat can’t drive climate change, only chase it” the notion:
    ___“Claims that the warming of the planet is due to heat being released from the oceans into the atmosphere are not supported by any empirical evidence or peer-reviewed science. “ (see in full: )
    This is not my world. “CLIMATE is the continuation of the ocean by other means”,

  3. Sunsettommy

    “Cuba provides free universal health care. The communist state admits that its system is in a poor state, but blames the US trade embargo, which makes it difficult to import medical supplies and equipment.”

    They can trade with most nations of the world.

    That excuse only exposes the poor state of their state run government.

  4. R. de Haan

    I wonder what the temps in Haiti have been because we now have a loon who believes global warming has caused the Haiti quake.

    I really wonder if we are going to make a serious effort to debunk this one.

    We have now arrived at a level where the warmist claims have reached a level of lunacy where we can send in the white coats to perform mandatory psychological treatment behind closed doors.

    Resistance is futile

  5. R. de Haan

    Another local cold event, this time in China

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