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Global Cooling – Er, Warming – Leads To More Conflict

Why do I think this is amusing? It reminds me of Celebrity Death Match. Maybe it was a warmist against a sceptic. Elderly Swedes bloodied in snow shovel brawl The two neighbours, one man in his seventies and the other in his eighties, disagreed on how to properly deal with removing the snow from the […]

Know Your Opponent – Climate Bet Warmist Believes In The Hockey Stick

First off, I want to thank the readers who have joined in on the CLIMATE BET whereby the winnings will be donated to a charity for children in dire need, yet to be decided. So far us 11 coolists have bet $300 in total that 2011 – 2020 will be cooler than the last decade. It seems […]

Did UK Government Keep Cold Winter Warning Secret From The Public?

Did UK Government Keep Cold Winter Warning Secret From The Public?

We’ve been hearing stories that the UK government may have put the lives of its citizens at risk by keeping a forecast of cold winter secret from the public in a cynical attempt to mislead them. If this is true, then this government has squandered its public trust and is not fit to serve its […]

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