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Solar Cycle 24 is a tame one. The question is: how tame can it get?

Joe Bastardi: “Days Of Thinking Warm, Warm, Warm Are Over”

Start thinking cold, cold, cold and colder. Joe Bastardi, AccuWeather meteorologist, meaning he’s an expert in making forecasts, and not producing goofy climate model scenarios for the next 100 years, has been looking at the oceanic and solar cycles for quite some time. Those cycles mentioned above, combined with volcanoes, are what he calls the […]

World RENIXX Renewable Energy Stock Index Crashes – “Green Speculation Bubble Blows”

For those of you who still have investments in the green stocks since last year, you have my heartfelt condolences. As if the news from the green economy couldn’t be worse, with all the corruption we”ve seen in carbon trading, and the closure of the Chicago Climate Exchange, and the massive amounts of money that energy feed-in laws […]

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