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New Esper Study Confirms Warm Periods Lead To Prosperity, Cold Periods To Death And Misery – Climate Extremes Were Greater In the Past

This newest tree ring study completely refutes Mann’s bogus hockey stick. That question is now forever resolved. There were warm and cold periods – with plenty of extremes. But that’s nothing new for many of us. Der Spiegel reports on a new study put out by Science where scientists gathered data from a large set of tree […]

FAZ Reports On La Nina And Australian Floods – Media Reports “Grossly Exaggerated”

With the early harsh winter in Europe and North America, the floods in Australia, snowstorms in USA, bitter cold in China, alarmists never have problems finding creative, acrobatic ways of assigning blame on the most remote of factors (think Tucson and Palin). According to the warmists, these recent weather events can all be traced back to […]

Headed back into the cool phase.

“Stick With The Facts – Look At The Data”

That’s Joe Bastardi’s advice. But some out there are sure the warming is going to continue no matter what. “Just look at the models!”, they keep saying. Problem is, models are not data from observation, instead they are scenarios of data that might be measured in the future. The start of this decade certainly isn’t […]

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