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Milankovic Cycles and Climate Change

Milankovic Cycles and Climate Change

Share this… Facebook TwitterMilankovic Cycles and Climate Change Is it distance from the sun, or length of summer? By Ed Caryl A draft paper by Dr. James Hansen and Dr. Makiko Sato triggered a rebuttal by Dr. Martin Hertzberg on WUWT. The Hansen paper made a claim that weaker insolation in the Northern Hemisphere (NH) […]

Warming’s Been Good To Me So Far

Share this… Facebook TwitterHere’s one of my favorites – by Joe Walsh. I’ve added the lyrics to the song – see below. Some warmists tried to tell us yesterday that climate scientists lead humble, low-paid lives. Some probably do, but the ones we are familiar with don’t live bad at all. This is for them.   Warming’s […]

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