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Accumulated Cyclone Energy is near a 30-year low. Where are the missing storms?

Media Storm Hype: Mojib Latif Recommends Rain Dancing To Prevent Weather Extremes

How about just appeasing the gods with human sacrifices? That could work too.I just heard an interview on German NDR Info public radio with Mojib Latif, of the Max Planck Institute for Meteorology. Of course he was brought on to say that the “monster” Yasi “killer” cyclone hitting Australia and the “mega-blizzard” pounding the US and Canada […]

Stefan Rahmstorf: Greenland Could Melt With Another 0.4°C Of Warming

The 5th Arctic Frontiers Conference in Tromsø, Norway recently took place with about 1000 scientists attending from all over the world (another big footprint). But except for a few fringe media outlets, no one listened. So I thought I’d lend these poor desperate alarmist scientists a favour and help them get their message out. This year’s […]

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