Media Storm Hype: Mojib Latif Recommends Rain Dancing To Prevent Weather Extremes

How about just appeasing the gods with human sacrifices? That could work too.I just heard an interview on German NDR Info public radio with Mojib Latif, of the Max Planck Institute for Meteorology. Of course he was brought on to say that the “monster” Yasi “killer” cyclone hitting Australia and the “mega-blizzard” pounding the US and Canada are due to global warming.

The adjectives I use here are what the media today are using. Normally I just let this rubbish go, but he made a couple of points I feel are worth discussing and are indicative of the sad state to which the climate science field has devolved today.

The radio moderator asked him what’s behind these weather extremes? To me, Latif’s answer makes no sense. Maybe much of the audience is not familiar ENSO’s and so maybe that’s why Latif and the media keep getting away with it every time. His answer in a nutshell:

The mega storms can be traced back to the current La Nina, which is a cold surface temperature phenomena in the equatorial Pacific region. But behind that, is global warming.

That’s what he claimed. The weather extremes are caused by cool Pacific waters, which are consistent with global warming. He also reiterated the theory that global warming leads to more extreme storms, even though there is no data to support this. Call it the missing storms. They’re somewhere, and that they can’t be found is a travesty.

Actually, those who are not ignorant in the field know that the opposite is occuring – there are fewer storms today. What’s drastically higher is the media strom hype.

Accumulated Cyclone Energy is near a 30-year low. Where are the missing storms?

The second point I found amazing is Latif’s recommendation when asked if adaptation to climate change would work as a way to cope with extreme weather events. I haven’t yet found an audio link to the radio interview, so I’ll provide what he said in a nutshell:

Adaptation in the end will not work. It will be necessary for man to limit the earth’s temperature rise.”

And how does man regulate Mother Nature? By reducing CO2 emissions of course. That’s the rain dance that will appease the weather gods and make the big storms go away.

Hard to believe this guy is a scientist.

29 responses to “Media Storm Hype: Mojib Latif Recommends Rain Dancing To Prevent Weather Extremes”

  1. slimething

    You don’t understand PG, more storms or less storms, take your pick, are consistent with AGW. Everything is. That’s the beauty of forming a hypothesis that can’t be falsified.

    BTW, j/k you don’t understand 🙂

  2. grayman

    So the meme is more extreme storms caused by global warming so all those other storms before, lets say 1900 and give them a few more decades before AGW is supposed to be happening, ethier didnot happen or were not extreme. And can anyone define the difference between them and weather(pun intended) or notthey happened because global written history is full of them?

  3. Dana

    Once again, “I don’t want to believe what he’s saying, so I’ll just insult him”.

    1. Slimething

      Of course it is constructive criticism over at Romm’ s right?

    2. DirkH

      When you try to believe everything Mojib Latif is saying, you will have to track carefully how his predictions change to stay in sync.

  4. FergalR

    What a shameless lie. Global warming scientists predicted weaker La Ninas – necessarily so because they claim the oceans will warm.

    1. Rob Honeycutt

      Do you have a source for that claim?


    To many “warmists,” the world revolves around global warming . That is how they primarily make their living , by pushing this theme whether scientifically sound or not. If they admit that global warming may be slowing down or even possibly replaced by global cooling even for a decade, there would be no need for futher research and the free grants would end . They would not get any more research money unless they constantly warn of pending gloom and doom and repeat the global warming mantra namely “this too is due to global warming and mankind is to blame” ,more research is needed and thus more money is needed. It is a money game , not science . Governments play along as they now have a new mechanism to tax people endlessly , carbon tax with a variable % that can be increased as needed, eco fees, cap and trade,etc

    1. DirkH

      What we see is a feedback system where alarmists are rewarded and naysayers excluded, and after this selection process, the politicians will hear only alarmist voices, so they will give more grants to find out more about the coming catastrophe etc…

      It is very much like a stock market bubble where, the higher quotes rise, the more people want to partake in it, driving quotes even higher etc.

      Of course there is also a tipping point; but it is not a tipping point that makes the bubble unrevocable, but one that suddenly deflates it. I think we are already past it, and it started with the snow storms of last year, the first one happening about at COP15 in Denmark, and from there the credibility of the alarmists sinks as they try to continue with their defunct explanations, explaining snow in terms of Global Warming.

      Politicians themselves have become sceptical this past year. Merkel was the first to avoid the term climate at all costs, she has a good instinct about what works with the public. Obama has followed with a lot of delay; avoiding “climate” in his SOTU speech.

      The feed-in tariffs are collapsing. Politicians have other cats to whip now; the Euro crisis, for instance, and now the North African/Arabian political crisis. Carbon trading in the EU has been halted. Der Spiegel (!) mentions McIntyre.

      After this collapse, climate science will be much less bloated than now, and will become a humble, earnest, real science without the big headlines. The alarmist climate science rock stars will be replaced by open-minded researchers like Curry, von Storch and maybe North.

      From there it can build its credibility up again, but it will take a decade at least until people will trust climate scientists again.

  6. R. de Haan

    2011/02/02 08:00 The world is experiencing some extremes today. cyclone Yasi that is now considered to be bigger than cyclone Katrina is about to hit northern Queensland. In the USA 100 million are affected by a mammoth blizzard. The Sun is playing a major role in the current weather extremes that most of the media and meteorological institutions are not aware of.

    The major influences are, the almost record La Nina along with the record extremes in the AO & AAO, which are polar atmospheric oscillations. These oscillations that are a product of low solar output that control the shape of the jet stream along with the intensity of the current La Nina. There will be more extremes to come in 2011.

    Mojib Latif, is just a suit.

  7. R. de Haan
    1. Dana
      1. Juraj V.

        Whats that junk in warm colors?
        January 2011 colder than 1940.
        PG: Sorry, but a different adjective is needed.

        1. Dana

          You mean the satellite data? I agree with Pierre here, I wouldn’t call that “junk”.

  8. R. de Haan

    If this cyclone is caused by Global Warming, what caused Tracy in 1897

    Darwin had been severely battered by cyclones before; in January 1897 and again in March 1937. However, in the 20 years leading up to Cyclone Tracy, the city had undergone a period of rapid expansion. E.P. Milliken estimated that on the eve of the cyclone there were 43,500 people living in 12,000 dwellings in the Darwin area. Though building standards required that some attention be given to the possibility of cyclones, most buildings were not capable of withstanding the force of a cyclone’s direct hit.

    Note that date. 1897. Add 120 years, you get 2017 which will be right in the middle of our present cyclical cold phase of the PDO. This is quite normal, to get this kind of storm during this phase of the ocean cycles. Anyone who wants to paint this storm as indicative of Global Warming will need to explain Tracy and the 1897 storms.

    Cyclones are a rare event in Australia

  9. R. de Haan
  10. R. de Haan
    1. Rob Honeycutt

      It might be an interesting paper with regards to climate if they said something about radiative forcing.

  11. Ed Caryl

    Ron, That article is scary!!

  12. R. de Haan

    UAH Update for January

    Carl, what’s scary?
    I think our current UN, EU en US leaders pushing for Wold Government and their lame eco agenda, boosting bio fuel production from processing food crops and palm oil farms replacing pristine Tropical forests, declaring war on coal, oil and natural gas, pose a bigger threat to us than our climate.

    For Europe and the USA short term a system of energy and food rationing is planned for in combination with a prohibition of fossil fuels.

    I am sure Rob and Dana are rubbing their hands in delight hearing about this prospect.

    The food riots in the Arab world will escalate, jeopardizing the continuity of 60% of the world’s energy needs.
    The rise of food prices and the riots have been carefully staged by the West.
    We risk a total collapse of our economies, WWIII and a total loss of our freedoms.

    I.M.O our brave new world shows all the signs of an Idiocracy.

    We have people like Merkel, Sarkozy and Obama who publicly claim they are in a position to control Global Temperatures.
    Both Obama and Merkel have claimed they will bring 1 million electric cars on the street short term with each car sucking 4.5 Megawatts from the grid to charge batteries to cover an average distance of 15.000 km a year while at the same time banning the incandescent light bulb to save electric power. Is that crazy or what? What’s crazier is that we leave idiots like this in office.

    When Obama announced his green plans during his State of the Union without mentioning climate change a single time, his approval rates went up. Moments like that make you wonder where the world is heading.

    So I have made a decision. I am out of here to a place not infected with collective insanity, trolls and professional hacks.
    In the mean time I wish our followers of the AGW doctrine all the luck in the world to cope with the new society they helped to create.

    They are going to need it.

    1. Rob Honeycutt

      re: Temps in free fall. Funny how they did the same thing in 1998 but we still ended up with the 2000’s being the warmest decade on record.

      Go figure.

      1. Dana

        Cooling from La Nina = temps in free fall. What’s warming from El Nino then?

        CFLs and LEDs are more efficient than incandescents. Electric cars are more efficient than internal combustion engine cars. These are not difficult concepts.

  13. R. de Haan

    “Adaptation in the end will not work. It will be necessary for man to limit the earth’s temperature rise.”

    This means planned Genocide, limiting the number of people roaming the planet, the real objective of our eco socialists.

    Anti consumerism and anti population growth policies propagated by the UN will be forced upon us.

    We will be forced to cover our energy (bio fuels) and food needs from our current available agricultural capacity with a lower output due to the restricted use of fossil fuels which will have a tremendous negative effect on crop yields. With Dalton or even Mauder Minimum conditions around the corner even a world without any fossil fuel restrictions will have trouble feeding the world as our biggest and most productive regions no longer experience the mild conditions that served us with continued high crop yields over the past decades.

    The first victims of a collapsing food supply will be the poor in the development countries depending on food imports from the West but we will be at risk too.
    If you for some reason fail to see where we’re heading just read the information at or visit the website of the UN
    Agenda 21, a horrible scheme our political establishment has signed on to.

  14. R. de Haan

    “Hard to believe this guy is a scientist”.

    Latif is a scientist all right but one who sold out on serving the eco sociallist agenda that feeds him. He and his cronies know exactly what has been cooked up behind the closed doors of the Club of Rome and the UN.
    He knows that the autonomy of the individual members of the EU has been replaced by the Lisbon Treaty and EU law and EU directives rule.
    He knows the agenda is accelerated and therefore he bends to the new powers now in control.
    Just face it, no scientist can explain our current weather patterns and the
    Climate Change Agenda without talking hubris.

    Existential Threat.

  15. Reinhard

    Klimawandel: Zitat von Prof. Dr. Mojib Latif (anno 2000)
    “Winter mit starkem Frost und viel Schnee wie noch vor zwanzig Jahren wird es in unseren Breiten nicht mehr geben”

  16. R. de Haan

    4. Februar 2011 at 00:34 | Permalink | Reply

    ‘CFLs and LEDs are more efficient than incandescents’.
    That is correct but the choice to apply the one or the other should be the choice of the consmer, not the Government.
    Besides that, the discussion about lightning is dubious as we are talking about 2.5% of the total energy budged here.

    ‘Electric cars are more efficient than internal combustion engine cars. These are not difficult concepts’.

    Electric cars are not more efficient than internal combustion cars if you
    include the entire power cycle, hense, start crunching your numbers from the point where and how the power is generated.

    The 4.5 Megawatts you need to power the batteries to drive 15.000 km a year at the source takes more than double the power input, often fossil fuels like oil or gas. The biggest chunk of power loss is caused by the grid.
    The truth is that the mass application of electric cars will double our grid based power generation.

    Do the math Dana and start using some common sense .

    This article provides some insight:

    1. Dana

      Unlike yourself, I have done the research, as usual. Do you think gasoline comes from magical oil fairies? I hate to break it to you, but extracting, refining, and transporting petroleum products takes energy too. Well to wheel, electric cars are far more efficient than gas cars.

      I love how you link to an article written by a shill at the oil-funded Cato institute who makes the same errors as you. Why is it that “skeptics” are incapable of looking at more than a fraction of the picture? Are you really that addicted to oil? Are you just so anti-environment that you can’t take the blinders off for 5 seconds to see when you’re being played for a fool?

  17. R. de Haan

    Also have a read at this reality Dana.

  18. gary

    The truth is guys non of the paid lobby scientists who were busted with climate gate that proved they were committing fraud willingly and knowingly , they predicted no snow , less rain ,and warmer winters , even more stupid is their claim of tons of co2 which is impossible to measure are a threat when you consider that c02 is 2 parts oxygen 1 part carbon which means each ton they quote is really only 1/3 of that in carbon , oxygen is not a pollutant , chaotic theory is impossible to predict or calculate and climate is chaotic theory, this guy did predict the snow against all the feral green mafia-media liars who did not , reality tells the truth and exposes the lies We thank all the people who stand for truth in science and not going along with this proven scam. We all know the sun and moon control the weather more than anything yet they never mention it ,and lets no mention the hundreds of volcanoes all live under water in the oceans.

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