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It’s Weathermen’s Day – Honoring The Heroes Who Have Saved Us From Dark-Age Science

Strangely, this story comes to my attention from a German site: Today, February 5, is National Weathermen’s Day in the USA. Actually now it is called National Meteorologists Day. It is also to honour physician John Jeffries, born 5 February 1744, who kept detailed weather records in Boston from 1774 until 1816. It’s no secret that […]

EPA Moving To Trample Small Enterprise And To Drive Up Costs

Bureaucrats out of control. I got an e-mail message from Theodore Hadzi-Antich, attorney at the Pacific Legal Foundation, about the new set of proposed EPA greenhouse gas regulations for governing heavy and medium duty vehicles, such as trucks, tractor-trailers, RVs, etc., the so-called HDVR regulations. Here’s a YouTube video sent by Ted which illustrates what all this […]

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