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Dr Roy Spencer Rips Climate Scientists – “Ashamed For Our Scientific Discipline”

And I’m glad Dr. Spencer is coming out and calling it like it is. It’s not often you hear a distinguished scientist rip into his colleagues as Roy Spencer does at his blog here yesterday. His essay is a reaction to the House vote to suspend the funding the corrupt IPCC. Here are some excerpts: On […]

Yasi Traumatizes Crocodiles

Some things are just so silly that they have to be mentioned. The online The Star Phoenix reports on yet another victim of cyclone Yasi (climate change) that hit Australia some days ago – crocodiles. According to The Star Phoenix: A group of ferocious Australian crocodiles were so traumatised by a maximum-strength cyclone last week that […]

Beyond The Political Energy Tipping Point – Leaders “In A State Of Shock”

Having invested so much in renewables, the German government and Greens apparently are having great difficulties in coming to terms with the recently discovered huge reserves of cheap shale gas worldwide. This source of energy is not only affordable for consumers, but it is relatively environmentally friendly as well. But exploiting the gas would require […]

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