Yasi Traumatizes Crocodiles

Some things are just so silly that they have to be mentioned. The online The Star Phoenix reports on yet another victim of cyclone Yasi (climate change) that hit Australia some days ago – crocodiles.

According to The Star Phoenix:

A group of ferocious Australian crocodiles were so traumatised by a maximum-strength cyclone last week that they hid under water and stopped eating, wildlife park officials said Friday.

Because the Star Phoenix doesn’t say it, I’ll do it for them: Man and his carbon emissions are responsible for the trauma the poor crocodiles had to endure!

No reports on whether crocodile counselors have been dispatched to the area to assist the crocodiles in dealing with the emotional scars of their days-long ordeal. And if counselors were sent, there are no reports of any coming back.

How long have crocodiles been on the planet?

12 responses to “Yasi Traumatizes Crocodiles”

  1. Jimbo

    “….last week that they hid under water and stopped eating, wildlife park officials said Friday.”

    This is an utter croc of sh*t, pun intended.

    As cold-blooded predators, they have a very slow metabolism, and thus can three or four months without food. [source]

    Crocs even surf the Ocean currents of the South Pacific to take them on long journeys. [source]

    As for trauma, I need to hear from a Croc psychologist.

    1. Jimbo

      Small correction:

      “…and thus can survive three or four months without food.”

  2. Ed Caryl

    I will bet they stopped eating because they were full. The storm probably supplied them with so much food they will sleep it off for weeks.

  3. dave ward

    “How long have crocodiles been on the planet?” – Millions of years, I believe. So you would think they’ve had plenty of time to get used to the odd cyclone or two…

  4. Jimbo

    On a final note Crocodiles even survived the Cretaceous–Tertiary extinction event which extinguished the dinosaurs 65 million years ago. They survived the Eemian interglacial which began about 130,000 years ago which saw temperatures were so high that forests reached as far north as North Cape (which is now tundra) in northern Norway.

    The above news story is utter rubbish and completely irrelevant to anything.

  5. Brian G Valentine

    Teacher to 9 year olds:

    Your mum’s automobile is causing cyclones which in turn is traumatizing crocodiles.

    The question is, what do you plan to do about it?

  6. Jimbo

    Crocodiles have been around for over 200 million years. How many cyclones have they endured? Are they still traumatized?


  7. DirkH

    It’s unprecedented. 😉

  8. Beano

    Crocodiles were fast becoming extinct in Australia until a ban was placed on their being hunted.
    Experts feared that the croc population would take many years to return to a sustainable number. The reality is that the numbers exploded and now they have become a danger to humans in semi rural areas.

    The article above is bogus.
    Try this one from today’s Australian paper.
    Teenager taken by crocodile

  9. R. de Haan

    You can’t traumatize a croc(k) of course but it can traumatize you.
    That’s probably what happened to the author of the article.
    A victim of a croc(k), just like the entire climate change scheme is a….. croc(k).

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