Joe Bastardi Is Back Online With Weather Bell Blog

It just came to my attention through WUWT that Joe Bastardi is active again at a new site called the Weatherbell, operated together with compagno Joe D’aleo. They’re also running a blog too and I just left my first comment there. I’m really excites about this because I really enjoyed Joe’s European blog and especially his highly informational videos.

Why not leave Joe a freindly comment:

According to reports, Joe does not expect to see an El Nino until 2012. That’s more bad news for the Honeycutt warmists (see my last post). Looks like the cooling streak will be extended for some time.

13 responses to “Joe Bastardi Is Back Online With Weather Bell Blog”

  1. R. de Haan
  2. Carlyon

    So glad to find Joe Bastardi again – I visited the previous site every day and felt that the end of the world was about to take place without his wise words about CO2 emissions and climate change – I need a daily quote to sow the seeds of doubt about all the hype that is being put about in the UK. It would be lovely to have a UK forecast again.

  3. Nance

    Hi Joe, what’s your weather prediction for this upcoming winter 2011-2012.
    Wish you were on Fox news on a regular basis.
    Thanks, Nance

  4. Bill

    Congrats on new doors opening 4 U, we go back 2 weather world, U were great.
    just listened 2 U on Dennis Miller Radio, I’m telling everyone I know, what U said, so they can B prepared 4 Irene

    Thanks and Good Luck

  5. Marvin Drvar

    Always look forward to your winter prediction with Accu-Weather. Your long range predictions were always very accurate. What is your web site and are you going to release a winter prediction? Good luck

    1. Chris Smith

      Yes….his calls are always VERY accurate. Take a look at his call for this past winter of 2011 – 2012. VERY ACCURATE. “The worst part of the winter overall, relative to the averages, is the Great Lakes back into the northern and central plains, Chicago looks like it is going to have a nasty winter overall.” That was his quote from this video 2:50 into it:

      So what actually happened? One of the warmest winters EVER in North Dakota, South Dakota, Minnesota, Illinois (especially Chicago), Wisconsin, throughout the northern plains.

      And his call for the Arctic Ice Extent to “recover to 2005 levels” that he made a couple years ago? Hasn’t happened.

      He is laughable:)

      1. Ed Caryl

        You are wrong on the ice extent, and Bastardi was right.

  6. Steven Haver

    Hello Joe, Joe,in your opinion will the NorthEast Coast Experience Hefty Snow Amount’s For The 2011-2012 Winter Season Like We Did last Winter Season For 2010 2011 or Will It Be Alot Worst Or Slightly Better!!! Please Reply To My Message Thank-You! Steve Haver

  7. Steven Haver

    Hey Joe, Joe,will the cold & snow be knocking at our doorsteps anytime soon on the Northeast Coast! Joe,are you making any revisions to the Winter Forecast for the Northeast Coast for 2011-2012! Thank-You, Steve

  8. Donna

    I depend on Mr.Bastardi forcast.He is the only weatherman that I prefer.The reports that he has given has been more accurate than any other.My family and I live in the Mid-Atlantic area and hope we get some snow this year….I also want to thank Joe for keeping my family and I informed of all weather conditions. Sincerely, Donna&Family

  9. Larry

    Joe, I grew up in Minnesota, about 40 miles noth east of Fargo, ND. I know there were warm winters in the 40’s thru the mid 60’s along with some bitter cold winters. (I joined the USAF in 1968 and retired in San Antonio in 1989.) I have tried to find the statistics, but they don’t seem to exist. I did find that the winter of 1874-75 was the 2nd warmest behind the winter of 1930-31.
    Where can I find the real info? Looks like the Global Warming nuts don’t want us to find the truth.

  10. Lorrie

    Great job Joe, I watched you on the OReily show go head to head with the global warming lady. Kudos to you with all your actual facts and great responses based on intellience not scare tactics. You sounded intelligent and very informed. Its a good change.

  11. G.Dale/Martha L. Cartwright

    It is nice to see that you doing very well. As loyal watchers of Fred and Paul’s Penn State Weather Show for many years, we remember you being on that show. Best Wishes.

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