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German Elitists Unveil “Master Plan” For The “Great Transformation” Of GLOBAL Society. Call For “Bonus-Malus Solutions”

Hans Schellnhuber’s Master Plan for the “Great Transformation” of society announced in a Spiegel interview is now out. h/t: DirkH If there was ever a document out there certifying someone has no clue about economics and democratic principles, this is it! And it’s as remote from reality that anything can get. Only reality-isolated, pointy-headed academics could come up […]

Green Master Plans Turn Out To Be Mean Disaster Plans

Dogmatism is a dangerous thing – especially when dealing with economics and when it attempts to dictate markets. Some examples follow below. 1.) EU climate policy leads to more CO2 emissions German blog Oekowatch writes about a press release from the German Association of Energy and Power Economics (VIK), which concludes that ever stricter EU climate policies […]

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