German Elitists Unveil “Master Plan” For The “Great Transformation” Of GLOBAL Society. Call For “Bonus-Malus Solutions”

Hans Schellnhuber’s Master Plan for the “Great Transformation” of society announced in a Spiegel interview is now out. h/t: DirkH

If there was ever a document out there certifying someone has no clue about economics and democratic principles, this is it! And it’s as remote from reality that anything can get. Only reality-isolated, pointy-headed academics could come up with such a thing.

It even tops my wildest expectations. You can now read it here: A World In Transition – A Social Contract For Sustainability. This is what these world-rescuer academics, who never worked a day in their lives in private industry, recommend for changing society – to save us from junk science-based global warming.

To accomplish this so-called Great Transformation of society, the authors of the master plan advocate 10 bundles of measures to take.

Bundle No. 1: Improve the Proactive State with Extended Participation Opportunities

In the German they call it the “Designing State”. Here they call for a strengthening of the state and advocates “bonus-malus” solutions. That means: let’s make the state even more powerful, and if you don’t do what it tells you, then you get whacked.

Bundle No. 2. Advance Global Carbon Pricing.

The WBGU believes that carbon pricing is the most important political measure for decarbonisation, and a necessary element of any regulatory framework for the transformation into a climate-friendly society. However, the price of carbon has to be set at a level that is high enough to achieve the transformative impact called for, i. e. it must be substantially higher than the current European emissions trading price level.”

Here we see this is remote of free market economy and it is all about state control. In the German version they call for a carbon price that must be “many times higher”.

Bundle No. 3. Expand and Deepen the Europeanisation of Energy Policy

That is what the title of the Bundle 3 is in the German version.

The goal of a common European energy policy should be the decarbonisation of the energy system by the middle of the century.

Here they propose the rapid expansion of renewable energies, energy storage systems and involving non-EU countries to help, such as Norway and Africa (i.e. $1 trillion solar plant in the Sahara called Desertec). That means becoming dependent on unstable North African countries like Libya. Forget that consumers can’t afford it.

Bundle No. 4. Accelerate promotion of renewable energies on a global level through feed-in tariffs

The transformation speed that needs to be reached to protect the climate and avoid the imminent risk of path dependencies on fossil energy technologies can only be achieved by accelerating and increasing the use of renewable energies.”

This is what they call for after a host of countries have just stopped subsidies because they are too expensive. But economics have never been a concern for reality-remote academics in ivory towers.

Bundle No. 5: Promote sustainable energy supply services in developing and newly industrialising countries

These countries need support with guaranteeing all of their people access to the basic essentials of a modern energy supply by 2030. They need support that allows them to establish a sustainable energy infrastructure.”

Like we don’t have enough to pay for already with our own huge deficits, demographic disaster, proposed super-expensive renewable energy supply system. Now we are also expected to pay for these systems in for the rest of the world. And then we should expect these poor folks to be able to pay for these pricey renewable energies. I’ve already read enugh to be convinced that these “wisemen” belong in group therapy of some sort. This is as remote from reality as it gets.

Bundle No. 6 Steering the World’s Rapid Urbanisation towards Sustainability

For currently rapidly growing urban structures, for example in Asia, high-carbon path dependencies must be prevented, as they would hinder low-carbon development for many decades.”

Hey Asia! (and the rest of the world), you’re going to build your cities the way we tell you to.

Bundle 7: Advance Climate-Friendly Land-Use

Priority of any globally sustainable land-use policy must be securing the food supply for just under a billion mal- and undernourished people. Furthermore, demand for agricultural produce is going to rise because of the growing share of animal products and the increase in biomass production for energy and industry.”

The modern agriculture that has done so much under the free market system is supposed to go back to failed Soviet style management. In their rush to rescue the planet from a hypothetical extreme climate change, they are proposing to rush a real destruction instead.

Bundle 8: Encourage and Accelerate Investments into a Low-Carbon Future

State policies must therefore aim to make investment into low-carbon technologies more attractive, and to abolish current disincentives and investment barriers.”

That means topple the free market system. Let the government run it. But which government?

Bundle 9: International Climate and Energy Policy

…a climate protection scheme that is limited to the more prosperous countries cannot solve the problem. Global cooperation is therefore necessary to ensure that the requisite funds for climate-friendly development are also available to poorer countries, and that all countries have access to climate protection technologies and the respective expert knowledge. International climate and energy policy is the forum for achieving a global consensus on transformation targets and ambitions.”

That means the rich countries are going to have to pay for the poor ones. Redistibution! The whole thing is a high risk economics experiment. Not to see if it’ll succeed, but to see how fast something can fail.

Bundle 10: Pursue a Revolution in International Cooperation

The world desperately needs a higher level of international cooperation if climate- and environmentally-friendly global development is to be achieved in the long-term.”

No. The world needs cooperation to tackle today’s real problems that are killing millions right now, and not fantasy problems 100 years from now. Pouring trillions into flakey energy systems while neglecting the poor is immoral.

35 responses to “German Elitists Unveil “Master Plan” For The “Great Transformation” Of GLOBAL Society. Call For “Bonus-Malus Solutions””

  1. Edward

    German thinking runs and guides the EU.

    AGW = a blue print for;

    1. World Socialism.
    2. World Government.

    Good luck in Africa, India and China, the USA, South America is already there.

  2. Brian G Valentine

    I wish the victims of this could be shown video of people like Schellhuber so they would know who wants them to live in dirt all of their life

  3. DirkH

    Quite the call for world domination. Portugal had to accept EU rescue money today. They produced 45% of their electricity with renewables.

    The credit default ratings for the PIGS states do a goose march; you can time the defaults precisely, next to go: Spain.

    Everything works as i expected. If Schellnhuber ever gets to dominate the world, it will be a world of ruins. Worse economics than the communists.

  4. biggreenlie

    Hmmmmm………”shades of 1939″!……is this a Declaration of War?

  5. DirkH

    Got some billions to spare? The more “exotic” meaning even less efficient solutions amongst our sustainable breakthrough technologies,

    “The end of nuclear power : The more exotic amongst the alternative energies”
    “renewables are a big item at the Hannover Industry Trade Fair.”
    “Small Wind Power”
    “Heat From the River”
    “Tidal Power” (sort of windmills under water, hello, corrosion!)
    “…still not ripe for the market; costs significantly more than offshore wind” ( i didn’t know offshore wind is ripe for the market…)
    “Electricity From Waste Steam”
    “Micro Gas Turbine” (Micro meaning household consumption size)

    1. Brian G Valentine

      Left out “dung burning carbon capture and storage”

  6. DirkH

    These people cannot think. From the report:
    “After all, the downfall of dictatorships whose mainstay
    has been the extraction of crude oil and natural gas (Soviet Union, Libya) also reveals the formerly hidden costs of a ‘fossil’ industrial metabolism.”

    Yeah, and since the fall of the Soviet Union they produce all their energy with wind mills and don’t supply Germany with all its NatGas and most of its oil anymore…

    1. DirkH

      I read a little more in the Schellnhuber manifesto but it’s such a huge pile of junk, such a barmy excuse for logical thinking, with argumentative holes so big you could drive a truck through, it’s no use. It’s pure propaganda; if these are the best advisors Merkel could get i pity her. It’s not even good propaganda.

  7. DirkH

    Group photo of the 9 authors.
    It’s unbelievable, but this group is really the WBGU – “Wissenschaftlicher Beirat der Bundesregierung Globale Umweltveränderungen” – “Scientific Advisory Board of the Federal Government Global Environment Changes”.

    This is really all they could get. And we don’t even have a Green government yet.

  8. DirkH

    Seek the word “tipping point” in the document. Just to see how unscientific the whole mumbo-jumbo is. I would strip all the nine Prof. Dr.’s off their degrees.

  9. Oliver Manuel

    Thanks for this unwanted confirmation of our fears.

    Professor Hans Schellnhuber’s Master Plan for the “Great Transformation” of society fits many frightening observations and suggests that we are well on our way to a tyrannical, one-world government like that described in George Orwell’s book, “1984.”

    Already science discussion blogs are filled with personal attacks and nonsense criticisms from those who hide their own identity – like members of the Communist Youth League in the old USSR who supported Lysenkoism:

    A self-sustainable cult-like system of distortions, omissions, and lies designed to support faulty or fraudulent research of “politically correct” pseudo-scientists.

  10. Bruce of Newcastle

    Our Oz Climate Commissioner Prof. Tim Flannery this week gives support to your hypothesis:

    “There will be no ‘outside’, there is no ‘other’. We will form a global community with a common set of shared beliefs”

    Why do CAGW people like totalitarianism so much? You would think we all learned enough in the last century to know better.

  11. R. de Haan

    House votes to kill EPA climate regulations

    1. Brian G Valentine

      Ha ha ha – they jumped the gun!!!

      They didn’t realize that Hans Schellnhuber’s Master Plan for the “Great Transformation” of Society was out!

      Had they known this, maybe they wouldn’t have “given up” and concluded there are “no other” course of action!

  12. R. de Haan

    Our lunatic policies lead to genocide.
    Even the New york Times has noticed.

    Rush to Use Crops as Fuel Raises Food Prices and Hunger Fears

  13. Daniel J. lavigne

    The madness continues. People who should know better, waste their time trying to bring about the impossible. They shall fail, and the planet will slowly degrade to a point where we no longer have a “Habitable Home”.

    The ONLY solution is a worldwide awakening to the reality that our greed, permitted to guide our “Self-Interest” solutions, leads to a war of “All Against All”.

    How to bring about that necessary awakening is the challenge before us.

    I suggest that our sole option is to heed the suggestion “Stop Your Engines!”, and make do with much less, “NOW” than having to do with even less AFTER the collapse of everything we now depend on in order to feed the needs of our collective greed for “More!”.

    Thank you.

    Daniel J. Lavigne

    1. DirkH

      From his site:
      “April 5, 20111 – UPDATE!! The following URL ( ) describes the facts about the Chernobyl disaster and suggests that the events at Fukushima may soon threaten ALL LIFE on the planet. ”

      I remember how last year the Macondo well blowup threatened to rip apart the Earth’s crust, leading to a Methane Super Eruption, turning the Earth’s atmosphere into a combustible mix and causing a mass extinction event. That caused me to buy BP and TransOcean shares because i thought, somebody’s gotta help them fix it.

      You can now all thank me for saving the planet. Luckily, my companies fixed the mess they created just before the crust of the Earth gave way. Maybe i should buy TepCo in about two months. 😉

      1. DirkH

        Now i’m disappointed. The 350 page PDF doesn’t mention Fukushima. Spare yourself the download. It doesn’t suggest anything about Fukushima as it was written before the event; Daniel, that’s misleading advertisement.

  14. DirkH

    Here’s another guy who has a big plan; David Gershon, Social Change 2.0, “Empowering A Climate Change Movement” – they skip easily from social change to Climate Change, did you notice? The hands are faster than the eyes…

    Now, which of these pipers do we need to follow? Gershon? Schellnhuber? How many of them are there? Pick your poison.

    1. mindert eiting

      My goodness, Dirk, there is no end to the procession of Climate Change Crackpots. As if these people were waiting for the right moment.

    2. mindert eiting

      But matters become more and more dirty as you can read here:

      1. DirkH
      2. DirkH

        Mindert, there’s a reason it took so long for warmists to sue non-warmists: They fear the discovery process which could uncover their own fudging of data. A court has no interest in whitewashing. Wonder if Mann managed to delete all e-mail backup tapes before starting this adventure. 😉

  15. Lauren

    Anthropogenic global warming is a total fraud, an international effort of power and money grabbing based on the marxist concept of “wealth redistribution”.
    On April 28 1975 Time magazine had on its front cover the title THE BIG FREEZE!!, with an article, signed by climate scientists, concluding that the Earth is cooling to the point it will all be covered in ice and all living creatures will die of freezing.
    The “scientists” even came up with a solution: collect all the ashes and residues generated by coal-burning power plants and spreat it over the North Pole, to capture the heat generated by the sun….
    This could only have come from sick, perverted minds, but at the time it was viewed as a real option.
    After a few years, when it obviously turned out that such a theory was nonsense, the so called climate scientists, in their quest for government grants, have invented a new fantasy, that of global warming……the world is warming due to us, human beings and we are all going to die unless we give up all of our liberties to one big world government which is going to regulate every single aspect of our lives, how many times to flush our toilets, what kind of cars to drive, where, for what reason and how far, how many children to have , what kind of food to eat, etc.
    In 1992 Al Gore said that “the time for a debate is over, the science is settled”…..
    This obviously is a lie for the time for a debate is never over and the science is far from being settled.
    Science does not work as a democracy , meaning that in science, the majority does not rule as it does in a democracy.
    If 1000 scientists have a debate and 999 of them agree on the subject, but only one of them disagree, it may very well turn out , as it has so many times in history, that the lone scientist is the only one that is right.
    I could give you many examples, such as that of Charles Darwin.
    When he first presented his theory of the evolution of species, all the scientists laughed at him and ridiculed him…in the end he was right and they were wrong.
    When Galileo said the Earth is spinning, the rest of the scientists accused him of heresy…but it turned out he was right and they were all wrong.
    After 15 years of advancing a false theory based on fraudulent data, the “scientists” noticed that the planet is not warming, but is actually cooling, so they changed the name of their theory yet again from global warming to “Climate Change”, just in case, to have all possibilities covered.
    Soon the whole thing will be unequivocally exposed for a premeditated fraud.
    People who perpetrated this scam, will then be held responsible for the enormous psychological, social and financial damage that their actions have caused.
    Just like when a doctor who gives out the wrong diagnosis and causes harm to the patient as a result, just like in such a case the doctor has the license suspended and has to pay damages or even go to prison, people like you will soon face the consequences of the lies you have imposed on the world for so many years.
    There must be parents out there whose children have suffered mental trauma because of this great scam.
    All these parents should get together and get a pit bull of a lawyer to file a class action law suit in a civil court and take the global warming crooks to the cleaners.

  16. R. de Haan

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