Elitist Power – And Submission To Will

Clearly there is a pattern. We’ve seen it with Bill Clinton, allegedly Al Gore, and now we have the IMF head Dominique Strauss-Kahn of the Socialist Party France.They are all proponents of a powerful, domineering state that demands citizens bend to its will. Submit to the state and all shall be well, the statists tell us.

It’s all over the news today. But unlike Al Gore, Strauss-Kahn is not that central to the global warming religion, and so there’s much less at stake with him getting arrested.

What is it about some people that leads them to believe everyone else has to bend to their will? They are so convinced of themselves, elitist, all-knowing, believe they have all the answers and expect everyone to follow their instructions.

In climate science, they (politicians, activists like Al Gore, and a number of scientists) demand everyone else fall to their knees and start acting according to their instructions. “Don’t do this, don’t do that – do this and do that. Stop resisting – you know you want it…”

Giving instructions while being the beneficiaries of the consequences of the instructions is fun. But notice how they rarely ever follow their own instructions. They continue their lives of private jets, mansions and pleasure. They sure do like it on top, don’t they?

I’m not passing blanket judgement. But I am saying beware of people who constantly and habitually demand we bend and submit to their will – especially when the science is bad and it serves to satiate a personal need. Throw in power, arrogance, and a lack of checks and balances, and soon you get disaster.

Of course we have to wait and see the results of the investigation before concluding. Clearly it’s another case of the weak up against the very powerful. The political deck is firmly stacked against the young woman – good luck reaching justice. The bearer of truth here once again will probably come out of this smeared, ruined – a victim for a second time.

If a smear campaign is launched against the victim, or if a huge amount of hush money gets paid, then we’ll know the truth. Rules for you, but not for me.

5 responses to “Elitist Power – And Submission To Will”

  1. R. de Haan

    You underestimate the role of the IMF and totally miss out on the connection between the climate change scam and the quest for a World Government at the costs of our civil rights and total loss of democratic mechanisms = our freedom.

    Strauss Kahn is a spider in his IMF web, a crook, a thief and a destroyer of freedom.


  2. Stop Common Purpose

    R. de Haan is correct.

    The IMF is central to the globalist plan.

    I hope that Strauss-Kahn goes to prison. A spell in Rikers Island prison might teach him some humility.

  3. DirkH

    Strauss-Kahn was expected to run against Sarkozy in the next French presidential elections. So i’d be careful with judgment. Maybe some game is being played here.

  4. biggreenlie

    Just mentioning “conspiracy theory” plays into these perverted and disgusting individual’s “wall of silence” they have built up over the years to protect them form scrutiny into their life styles. I suppose the “Bunga Bunga Parties” are a conspiracy too.

    It’s about time these rabid power hungry idiots get exposed and hung out to dry. Millions of human beings lives have been and still are being ruined by these guys.

    There should be no tolerance for “RAPE” of individuals, ideologically, let alone physically!

    I can guarantee there will be more money and time spent discrediting this woman who was attacked than investigating Kahn’s motives and movements!

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