World Ignores Imminent And Bigger Threat Of Global Cooling As It Fights Non-Existent Global Warming

By Matt Vooro

The current year 2011 is a good example of what happens when global temperatures drop and we have cold and snowy winters that stretch well into spring. The current La Nina and the cold PDO brought colder temperatures and extra amount of snow during the past winter to many parts of North America, which means significant spring flooding like we just had in Central US and many parts of Canada.

Even Hadley shows cooling over the last 10 years. Yet policymakers all believe it's getting warmer!

The late and extra snow pack in the Rockies and the colder Pacific air, generally due to the colder North Pacific Ocean surface temperatures as measured by the PDO, also caused extra spring rain and even more flooding as well as severe tornadoes. As the quite cold air from the Rockies (due to the significant snow pack still in the mountains) meets the warm moist air coming from the Gulf of Mexico, severe and frequent tornadoes are spawned in the US tornado alley. This was also the pattern in the 1970’s.

Moreover, there could also be a loss of annual crops this year due to a shortened growing season from the extra wet soil and late planting because of the flooding and cold spring, This pattern could repeat itself many times in the decades ahead similar to the climate we had in the 1970’s. Both the Atlantic and Pacific oceans show strong indications of heading for cooler SST levels.

These alternating cold and warm phases typically last for 20-30 years, as reflected in our past climate records. We just came out of the warm phase and appear to be now headed for a cooler phase. The winters started to get cooler for some parts of the Northern Hemisphere already after 1998, but more noticeably and significantly in many regions including Europe and Asia during the last for 4 years. 

Wasteful anti-global warming policies have resulted in badly needed funds being diverted towards very expensive and unsustainable green energy projects and carbon dioxide storage or sequestering. Without major government subsidies most of these projects would not be viable. Indeed their implementation worsened the financial situation of several poorer European nations. In some countries, fossil fuel plants are being shut down prematurely rather than being converted to cleaner fossil energies resulting in 100 % increase in energy costs due to the more expensive green energy replacements.

These very expensive policies to fight global warming have little effect on global temperatures, if any. These misguided policies divert valuable funds from other vital areas of our global life, like helping nations experiencing natural disasters, job creation, better health care, improved flood control, rebuilding homes and infrastructure after tornadoes and major flooding and extra food storage for emergencies. In my judgment this problem could get much worse in the coming years.

Like the Pacific Ocean, the North Atlantic Ocean is also cooling again and by 2015 we could begin to feel even cooler weather during the winter and spring especially along the North American eastern coasts and western Europe. Food and energy could be in short supply unless we all adjust our national and global focus from a non existing global warming threat to a much bigger and very current threat from global cooling for the next 20-30 years.

The events like cold and snowy winters, extra flooding and severe tornadoes have very little to do with man generated carbon dioxide or global warming as, to the contrary, the global temperatures have been cooler than normal this year and global temperatures have actually been declining since 2001 (see chart above).

36 responses to “World Ignores Imminent And Bigger Threat Of Global Cooling As It Fights Non-Existent Global Warming”

  1. ArndB

    A very important subject. Even in the worst case, a serious global warming will take one hundred and more years, a devastation cooling can establish within a very short period of time. Particularly Europe, which is depending on the North Atlantic and regional seas, should fear the possibility of rapid cooling. The three winter 1939/40, 1940/41 and 1941/42, became very suddenly the coldest in Northern Europe after more than 100 years (see for example the T°C situation at Tallin/Estonia: ) that can serve as demonstration how quickly a trend can change. These three winters marked the beginning of a global cooling until the mid 1970s.

  2. M White

    I remember during the 1970s there always seemed to be a drought in Africa

    “They found that the region’s history was punctuated by droughts lasting several decades, every 30 to 60 years. Each was comparable to the drought of the 1970s, which killed more than 100,000 people, according to UN estimates.”

    30 to 60 years, PDO cycle comes to mind.

    Now there are more people living there than ever before. Our “help” has massively increased the population with medication vaccines but economically most Africans do not seem to have moved on. They’re in big trouble.

    1. DirkH

      Povery Rate in Africa at an all time low.

      1. DirkH

        …Poverty Rate, of course…

    2. Jimbo

      M. White,
      You might be pleasantly be surprised.

      While China’s economy continues to rapidly grow, during the first decade of the 2000s, most of the world’s fastest-growing economies were in sub-Saharan Africa and the IMF projects that this trend will continue over the next five years.

  3. Jimbo

    Even if we entered another Little Ice Age there are those who would never let go of this religion. The public, on the other hand, are becoming more sceptical because they recall clearly that they were promised milder winters. The evidence of their own eyes tells them they were sadly misled. People have died uncessarily as councils were ill prepared.

    I hope sanity comes back faster then we thought. 😉

  4. DirkH

    Meanwhile, the 20 Nobel Laureates have celebrated their kangaroo court in Stockholm, putting Humanity in the dock, and even warmist Revkin of the NYT blasts this Volksgerichtshof. The verdict, BTW, calls for a Great Transformation. Now where have we heard that before. The Nobel academy is just another incarnation of the Eurocracy blunder business.

  5. DirkH

    My guess is that all the politicians don’t have time to reconsider their AGW policies as they are busy watching the house of cards fall.
    Protests in Spain turn violent:

    They’re protesting against unemployment. Hmm, Spain, Green Jobs, do they have Biogas plants down there? Yes they do. Maybe that’s where they breed EHEC E.Coli.

    1. Edward
      1. DirkH

        Ouh, that
        “The recent utilities collapse has seen a rise in Cholera, Dysentery and Typhoid, so remember to take plenty of bottled water. ”
        reminds me of this guy
        who went half-blind from cleaning his contact lense with Greek tap water and who once did this
        and who lived for several years in Berlin.

        1. Edward

          Sounds like a bad version of the Pet shop boys imho Dirk.

          Greek water?!! Dear God, I didn’t even like using it to flush the toiletten but on contact lens???? No, NO, NO!! – cleaner only and rinse in distilled water – one must be very, very careful with one’s eyes – you’ve only got one Forkin’ pair!! – what a prat.

          Talking of sh*t for brains………….

          How’s this for utter stupidity – must be AGW adherents:

          1. DirkH

            Yeah, heard about that eyeballing thing. Insane. Reminds me of deep-fried Mars bars in Scotland.

  6. matti

    To show the kind of nonsense that goes on in our country, and possibly in other countries, below is a direct quote from a good article by ENERGY PROBE, in Canada[see reference below]

    “Premier Dalton McGuinty[ of ONTARIO,CANADA] launched the Green Energy Act by attacking and politicizing “dirty coal” as the source of pollution and soaring health care costs.

    However, staking the future on wind and solar was a bad idea, said Dr. Bryne Purchase, an adjunct professor specializing in energy policy at the School of Policy Studies at Queen’s University.

    Last fall he hosted a conference at Queen’s Institute of Energy and Environmental Policy on TheFuture of Coal in Ontario which concluded that the McGuinty Liberals pursued an anti-coal policy without any independent analysis of “the feasibility, of the timelines, or the reasonably estimated economic or environmental costs and benefits of such an initiative compared to alternative policy approaches,” Purchase summarized in his report.

    “Unfortunately but predictably, all subsequent government analysis has been done simply to justify the initial political decision already taken.”

    So one can see that these green energy implemention projects that are driving up Ontario’s energy costs by some 100% seem to have been made not for sound science nor economic good reasons but perhaps for preconceived political reasons.

  7. Bruce of Newcastle

    Add that we just completed a nearly 13 year long solar cycle and it looks even more likely the PIK’s of this world will be digging themselves out of the snow even more often over the next few decades.

  8. matti


    I agree with you that we all should be more concerned about potential crop losses due to severe and cold winters and extra wet spring flooding like we just had all over North America . In Manaitoba , Canada we had “one in 300 year” type of flooding and the second worst on record . Similar flooding ocurred in the United States . These areas are the bread baskets of the world feeding millons . When they at risk ,we all are at greater risk. Hence the reason for my short article . Also see the article below.

  9. matti


    The table below illustrates how much the winter temperatures have already fallen in Canada’s Northwestern Forest and Prairie regions , the prime farming areas in Canada. The figures are from Environment Canada and represent winter temperature departures from the 1948-2011 base. These are land locked areas which cool more and quicker than coastal areas. The entire southern half of Canada was cooler this past winter with the exception of the Atlantic coast

    6.6 5.4 [2006
    3.7 2.6 [2007
    0.6 0.3 [2008
    -0.6 -1.2 [2009
    2.8 0 [2010
    0.9 -0.2 [2011

    1. Edward

      Yes thank you Matti, I mentioned the UK + EU….. but I also had in mind the bread basket of the world too, the above statistics tell their own story.
      Australia is also a big food producing nation, they’ve had no end of problems, the PDO entering cooling phase has blitzed their food crops, I feel for the Aussie farmers too.

      BTW, thank you for the links, excellent stuff!

  10. matti

    Here is more information about the Manitoba flooding in Canada . Similar flooding happened in United States

  11. Kai

    Stumbled across this because of twitter, the arguments in the post and comments have all been refuted, many times over, I’m afraid. Primarily, because they show a deep lack of understanding of weather vs climate, local vs global and short term vs long term trends, etc, etc.

    You’re also stuck in the misused mainstream media term of “global warming”, when it’s more correctly, “climate change”.

    Here’s a resource for you:

    It’s nicely arranged so you can find the various “skeptic” arguments, then click the blue for the response. It even has the explanation in three different levels where such is applicable (basic, intermediate and advanced).

    This is of course assuming, you are open to evidence and not stuck in your own faith (as one of the comment seems to believe the other “side” is).

    Link that applies to the post, to make it easier:

    1. DirkH

      Hello Kai. Nice to see you; i thought the skepticalscience adherents went extinct in the last cold period.

      Kai, there’s still no trace of the tropospheric hotspot and the purported water vaport feedback; i fear you’ve been had by the AGW pseudoscientists.

      1. Kai

        Not an adherent, it’s just one of the more organised sites that directly links answers to what’s usually put forward, like the post above.

        As for “cold period”, you’re making the basic fault of weather vs climate, I mentioned. Even if the cooling that is occurring wasn’t localized (it is, unfortunately) it would still need to occur for far longer periods for it to start even being considered a trend (or to counteract the previous trend).

        Not sure there’s much point addressing anything else you’ve said if that level of “pseudoscience” is beyond you, honestly.

        1. DirkH

          Well, with cold period i mean the last winter… As warmists don’t prepare for snow anymore my guess is that they have a hard time surviving one.

          1. Kai

            … Ah. I’m afraid, even your attempts at humor show an amazing lack of understanding about “climate change-ists”, to the point it becomes completely obtuse. Those who understand the science, would actually recommend (and have) preparing for increased snowfall (and other precipitation), not less.

            But, seems this is pretty pointless.

            If I’m wrong in my acceptance of the current scientific consensus, I’ll be happy that I am.

            If it’s correct, well, hopefully we don’t pay the ultimate price for it.

            Have a good one.

          2. DirkH

            Kai, again, where’s the tropospheric hotspot? And, you just said that if you are wrong you are happy that you are wrong? Are you sure you wanted to say that?

            And, OMG, “pay the ultimate prize”, what kind of drama queens are you warmists? Probably you want an “ultimate solution”, heh? Now, i don’t have to translate that to German or do I?

            Fahr zur Hölle, Du und Deine totalitären Kumpane.

          3. DirkH

            Kai, re expecting more snow due to warming, here’s The Independent from 2000, right after that big El Nino spike in temperatures.
            “Snowfalls are now just a thing of the past”

  12. Ulrich Elkmann

    If we are talking about Nick Currie, a.k.a. Momus, a better choice of music might be this:

    “I Was A Maoist Intellectual”

    I was a Maoist intellectual in the music industry

    I always knew that I could seize the world’s imagination
    And show the possibilities for transformation
    I saw a nation in decay, but also a solution: Permanent cultural revolution
    Whenever I played my protest songs the press applauded me
    Rolled out the red carpet, parted the Red Sea
    But the petit bourgeois philistines stayed away
    They preferred their artists to have nothing to say

    How did I pass my time on earth? Now it can be revealed:
    I was a Maoist intellectual in the entertainment field

    I showed the people how they lived and told them it was bad
    Showed them the insanity inside the bureaucrat
    And the archetypes and stereotypes that were my stock in trade
    Toppled all the ivory towers that privilege had made

    But the powers that be took this to be a personal insult
    And refused to help me build my personality cult
    […]I left the normal world behind and started living in
    A hinterland between dissolution and self discipline
    […] But my downfall came from being three things the working classes hated:
    Agitated, organised and over-educated
    (I just don’t know why my perverse bourgeois mind keeps picturing a certain Minister-President-Elect singing this as karaoke…)

    1. DirkH


  13. Kai

    It seems it’s not possible to reply in the thread above (for some reason) so I will here.

    I stated that if I was incorrect, I would be happy I was. This is true, if I am wrong, there will be no adverse affects. I’m amazed that the fact that my pride is less important to me than the well being of the world and it’s people, is such a difficult concept to grasp.

    I then expressed a concern for being correct leading to “the ultimate price”. Which seemingly needs to be explained, it is simply, “death”. If the climate change science is correct, not only will agriculture be severely effected and the worlds food supply come into crisis (plant adaptation limits), but we as a species will have a number of other issues to face.

    I stated a hope that this not happen even if it is correct, and for that I was equated to a being [-snip; boo hoo hoo. Taking your bawling elsewehere, Kai. There’s not a shred of scientific evidence showing the horror scenarios wild imaginations have conjured could happen – PG]

  14. Seer

    Try as I might, when I go to the WTI site and plot the same data sources you show in the article, I get fluctuating temperatures until the late 1960s, followed by a near-exponential ramp (of mean temperatures, not yearly measurements) until today. Unless you can explain the difference, I’d say that you intentionally are misleading us. In fact the WTI web site agrees closely with NOAA predictions.

    Finally, your discussion is about mean temperatures in North America. In the last few years, the lower average temperatures in the mid-to-high latitudes have been explained well but a number of different climate models, most of which have observed increased circulation – powered by increased energy input into the climate system – from the poles to the mid-latitudes, essentially transferring more heat to the poles (or cool to the mid-latitudes if you prefer that way of looking at it.)

    Ultimately, global warming can only be measured by taking average temperatures across the globe and accounting for stored energy in the atmosphere, oceans and ice. Since the ice is melting so fast at the poles, tremendous amounts of (negative) stored energy are being liberated, which can easily have the effect of temporary cooling, much like adding ice to a drink cools the drink. Once the ice is gone, there is no heat sink anymore, and temperatures in the oceans and atmosphere will skyrocket.

    Your article fails to take any of these considerations into account.

  15. matti


    Four data sources all give the same pattern to the global temperatures for the last decade. A composite of the four is similar.There is no expotential curve here.

    If you cannot detect a cyclic pattern in the global temperatures , you need to do more analysis and research. The multidecadal cycles have been documented by many technical papers

  16. matti

    Here is only one paper illustrating what other scientists say about decadal climate cycles . There are many others . Their names were posted on this web page in earlier posts .

    You need to do better homework

  17. matti
  18. Stephen C. Baer

    This is a clearly written short book with good news about photovoltaics by someone familiar with economics and business. Although its title is Solar Revolution, there are many aspects of solar energy in which he shows little interest and this makes the prospects for his revolution depressing. Here are the basics of the solar revolution as he sees it.

    The revolution’s goal is to overthrow the use of fossil fuels and nuclear power, but all without returning to any of the traditional uses of solar energy that supported mankind through history. We abandoned Mother Nature’s solar teat to suckle on giant bottles of fossil fuels. Now the bottles are going dry and we want to return to solar, but it’s got to come in bottles, be electric, be synthetic. Bradford’s concern is the preservation and continued growth of our use of electricity. When you stop to consider that electricity is a means to an end and not an end in itself – as, for example, water or food – this is a puzzle.

    Our appetites expressed through the market place are too slack for Bradford, the revolutionary. Although he claims to wish an end to subsidies, it is hard to believe him. He greatly admires Japan and Germany for their fanatical government-directed drive for photovoltaics. On September 1, 2006 Sharp electronics, a company singled out for special praise by Bradford, ran full page color picture ads in the Wall Street Journal and New York Times. They boasted that their Kameyama plant “features the world’s largest solar energy system”.

    A glance at their building shows they use no skylights. They cover every inch of roof with PV panels. The walls have few if any windows. The building looks like a giant sealed-off, above ground termite nest.

    The Japanese and Bradford are confused. Skylights and windows are much better at providing light than PV panels wired to light bulbs indoors. Bradford drives on saying (page 175) that “R&D funding by industrialized countries’ governments for renewable energy is crucial for market growth because it helps resolve a commonly observed market failure in economics – that is, that businesses collectively underinvest in R&D and basic science compared to what a socially optimal level would be.” How does he know? Who is to decide what is socially optimal?

    If you look at the fate of daylight, foot travel, bicycles, clotheslines and other traditional solar powered ways, you see that we are giving up genuine, tested effective uses of the sun at the same time as we are urged to adopt synthetic hi-tech solar energy.

    Bradford gives only lip service to passive solar, about 1 page out of 200. . On page 187 he writes the ominous sentence, “solar power will be increasingly big business because it will be increasingly good business”. Yet traditional and passive uses of solar energy are the most cost effective

    As this reader has come to expect from the MIT Press, there are a number of typos and confused mistakes such as on page 200, “1 kWh equals 3.4 Btu” and on page 187, “in 2003 some 10% of new electric generation capacity installed worldwide was non-hydro renewable”.

    I found the sun, but no clouds in Bradford’s book. PV panels can supply megawatts of power one minute and when clouds arrive, almost nothing a few minutes later. How do utilities fill in? He glosses over this.

    Bradford’s study is part of a spell we have fallen under where we confuse consumption of electricity with success.

    Steve Baer
    Zomeworks Corporation
    Albuquerque, New Mexico USA

  19. DirkH

    Stephen C. Baer
    11. August 2011 at 06:00 | Permalink | Reply
    “As this reader has come to expect from the MIT Press, there are a number of typos and confused mistakes such as on page 200, “1 kWh equals 3.4 Btu” ”

    I hope this will not lead to too many inventors claiming a 1,000-fold exaggerated efficiency for their next green invention…

  20. Pierre Courchesne

    World Ignores Imminent And Bigger Threat Of Global Cooling As It Fights Non-Existent Global Warming ? You know how to make it pleasant !

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