Climatologist Mojib Latif: Governments’ Fight Against Global Warming “Has Reached An Absolute Low Point”

Lots of lip service, but governments worldwide are getting cold feet about really reducing CO2 emissions. Commitment is clearly fading.German news magazine Stern has a short interview here with climatologist Mojib Latif, who provides us with a very encouraging confession with respect to the climate science swindle, i.e. it has reached “an absolute low point”!

Latif claims to be a warmist and insists that man is able to regulate the global climate simply by regulating the amount of greenhouse gases that gets emitted into the complex, extraterrestially-driven climate system.

Latif first tells Stern that Germany’s accelerated phase-out of nuclear power will mean more CO2 emissions because of more power generation from fossil fuel plants, e.g. read here, 2 German coal power plants approved.

This of course all undermines the idea of getting the planet to reduce its CO2 emissions, for which countries and global organisations earlier concocted and attempted to implement emissions trading schemes. Latif here is not convinced by these efforts, and comments:

So far it all has been quite a toothless tiger. If it were today what it had been originally designed to do, then it would be a very different story. But there have been exceptions after exceptions, especially in Germany with the energy-intensive industries. That’s not how it’s supposed to work.”

Of course governments have given industries so many exceptions because the perceived problem is not really serious enough to be taken seriously. And no country is actually going to commit suicide for the sake of solving a phony problem (except maybe Germany, which has moved onto the ledge and is now threatening to actually jump).

Stern then asks the question on every body’s mind:

Just how intensely is the community of countries fighting climate change?”

In other words: Just how committed are they? Latif answers (emphasis added):

We’ve reached an absolute low point. Actually at the UN-level we were further Along in the early 1990s. Today we see only word acrobatics. Heiligendamm, Copenhagen or Cancun all have not brought us further.”

Commitment has cooled to the lowest point in 20 years, i.e. since it got started. On CO2 trends, Latif warns:

The trend is alarming: Since 1990 CO2 emissions worldwide have risen 40 percent.”

40%? That corresponds roughly to the rise in the level of worldwide democracy.

Mojib Latif is a Professor at the former Institute for Ocean Sciences and the now Leibniz Institute for Ocean Sciences at the Christian Albrechts University in Kiel.

In 2009 he was awarded the Deutsche Bank-IFM-GEOMAR Ocean Research Prize.

12 responses to “Climatologist Mojib Latif: Governments’ Fight Against Global Warming “Has Reached An Absolute Low Point””

  1. Jonas

    I found your website from – keep up the great work!

    Interesting article, in my opinion; unless they can profit from it (ie. carbon taxes) then I really doubt TPTB actually care about reducing carbon emissions, they just like to be seen as doing so and caring about the planet they’re actively destroying.

    It’s all about jumping on the bandwagon, whatever the “cause” is, companies and corporations always follow one another.


  2. DirkH

    Mojib Latif is a rent-seeker for whom nothing can falsify the CAGW hypothesis , except when funding for it dries up. In that case, expect him to do a reverse Schneider, switching to global cooling scaremongering in an instant.

    1. Jimbo

      He did previously mention something about a coming cooling on the way to warming. 😉 He knows AGW is a scam but can’t resist the lavish funding.

      The greatest embarassement to befall these scam artists is a prolonged cooling trend. How will they ever get out of it?

  3. DirkH

    Oh, and you forgot to translate: “If we reach plus 3 to 4 C entire continents would dry out, every 2nd species would go extinct, millions of people would lose their home, entire nations would be inundated.”

    I wonder how he knows that, especially the species claim. Also, how can a continent dry out in such a warm world where there should be much more water vapor in the atmosphere. He’s a complete swindler, the fact that the GCMs are now wrong for a decade doesn’t affect his convictions in the slightest it seems. A complete BS artist.

  4. DirkH

    German Alarmists are on a roll. Is a new junket looming? New interview with Grassl.

    He’s a liar:
    “GRAßL: Die Klimaänderungen durch den Menschen sind ein in der Wissenschaft nicht mehr umstrittenes Faktum. Die mittlere Temperatur hat zugenommen genauso wie die Zahl der Hitzetage. ”
    “Climate Change caused by Humans is no more disputed amongst scientists. [!!!! Better not tell the German sheeple about Lindzen, Spencer, Miskolczi or Svensmark!!!] Average temperature has been rising as well as the number of hot days.”
    Notice that this is a non sequitor which he slipped by the interviewer.

  5. Edward

    Yes the Americans, Canadians and Australians, so too the Japanese are seeing the light, however, here in Britain and over in Germany, the Green loonies are in government and seemingly in charge [ Gott in Himmel!], both are locked in death race – to see who can regress back to the Neolithic first.

    And Latif?, well Dirk is right, any way the wind is blowing for Mojob – he sold his soul many moons ago.

  6. DirkH

    Possible EHEC – biogas fermenter – connection: Der Focus:

    “Some vets and laboratory medics think it possible that EHEC stems from biogas plants. In the fermenters of the ever growing number of biogas plants never seen before variants of bacteria get created, says Bernd Schottdorf, founder of the biggest privately owned medicine lab in Europe, Schottdorf MVZ in Augsburg, a company with 1,500 employees.”

    IMHO this guy must know a thing or two about microbes…

  7. R. de Haan

    The scam continues, UN proposes Glbal CO2 levy on shipping and jet fuel

  8. R. de Haan

    Mojib Latif is a cheat and a fraud, a rent seeking wannabe personality who attends ZDF interviews taking rubbish while wearing dark sunglasses.

  9. Casper

    Good news:,,15136448,00.html
    [quote]It is unclear, as yet, what will happen when the first commitment period of the sole treaty setting out legally binding emissions targets expires at the end of 2012.The plan was to come up with a successor to the Kyoto Protocol, but with Russia, Japan and Canada all saying they will not sign up to a new round of cuts unless emerging economies such as China, India and Brazil get on board, that is not looking very likely.[/quote]
    I think the winner is…GAZPROM 😉

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