Climate Change Now Causes More Boredom! Interest In Climate Change Reaches 5-Year Low In Sweden

We’ve all heard how climate change causes everything that’s bad for humans and the planet to increase and to intensify. Well, ironically, that also now includes boredom on the subject of climate change itself. Many are simply just getting bored to death by it.

Indeed a spate of recent studies have shown that people are growing tired and unconcerned about climate change in a number of countries. Much of this is due to the lack of credibility the science is suffering in the wake of all the scandals, scams and exaggerations that have been exposed over the last couple of years.

Climate boredom has also gripped Sweden too, as the English-language The Local writes here:

Swedes’ environmental interest plummets: report

Public interest in climate issues has dropped to its lowest point in five years, according to the upcoming annual SOM report from the University of Gothenburg. Only 14 percent of Swedes currently consider the environment to be among our most important problems, reports daily newspaper Svenska Dagbladet.

This is the lowest figure since 2006, and far behind the record-high figures of the late eighties, when Swedes’ environmental involvement truly boomed.”

When one considers how often people have been exposed to the same, worn-out climate disaster reruns about surging sea levels, storms, weather extremes, droughts, floods, dying oceans, etc., then no one ought wonder why boredom on the subject is so deeply entrenched.

According to The Local, greens blame the lack of media interest in climate change. The figures show a plummet in Swedish public interest:

This trend has now been broken, and last year this number had decreased heavily, from 21 to 14 percent.”

To be honest, it has nothing to do with media slacking off on the subject. It has everything to do with them making false projections time and again. You can only cry wolf so many times before you lose all credibility and respect. Once shown to be a liar and a charlatan, it later becomes virtually impossible to convince others of anything else.

Today climate change is probably not boring only for climate skeptics. Indeed for us it is now just beginning to get interesting.

5 responses to “Climate Change Now Causes More Boredom! Interest In Climate Change Reaches 5-Year Low In Sweden”

  1. mindert eiting
  2. Carl

    I have done my part to make people around me lose interest in the subject. I talk about the debate and show your site and other sites as well, along with trying to make folks aware of the scam going on. Everytime I come across something climate related I tend to point out the needlessness of it all and people actually listen. Most people I know now are bored to death of this subject.

  3. DirkH

    The MSM will soon cut their ties to the sinking ship AGW or go down with it.

    Watch for defectors and welcome them!

    1. Jimbo

      Apparently huge numbers of people switch TV channels when an item of news is on the subject of ‘climate change’.

      I am utterly sick of the subject but do my bit to help stop this massive financial scam based on a bogus, failed theory.

  4. mindert eiting

    News from The Netherlands: one of our political parties (VVD) wants that our weather institute KNMI should be disbanded as a governmental organization and should continue as a private institute. The reason is that they uncritically sold the AGW message of the IPCC.

    This institute fired its director a number of years ago because he was a skeptic.

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