Schellnhuber: 2°C Target “Recognized By International Law”

The excellent here  brings our attention to a very recent clip of Hans Schellnhuber in an interview with ZDF German Public television (July 3, 2011). Note how master-planner Schellnhuber just cannot control his itch to rewrite international law.

Again climate lies from Professor Schellnhuber

He now claims that the 2°C limit of global warming, which is the invention of Schellnhuber’s own junk science at the alarmist Potsdam Institute for Climate Crackpots (PIK), is “Völkerrechtlich anerkannt“, i.e. in English: “recognized by international law”. Here’s what the man Schellnhuber said:

The emissions of the global greenhouse gas, CO2, must again start to sink globally at the latest by 2020, otherwise we will have no chance of reaching the 2-degree C limit recognized by international law – the Earth’s warming must be limited to 2°C.

At the 19 sec. mark, the video repeats “das Völkerrechtlich anerkannt 2°C”  a number of times just so listeners can be sure they heard it right.

That the 2°C is recognized by international law is a flat out lie, a fantasy of Schellnhuber’s growing desperation. It is not international law. The 2°C limit is, however, one of the cornerstones of his masterplan to transform society.

14 responses to “Schellnhuber: 2°C Target “Recognized By International Law””

  1. Ed Caryl

    He DOES hear voices!!!

  2. David Johnson

    This person is seriously deranged. On the other hand he is probably so used to having his words accepted without question by his adherents and doesn’t realise what an idiot he makes of himself to anyone with even half a brain

  3. biggreenlie

    He would have fared better a “half century plus” ago being a spokesperson for Heir Adolph………….but now?……….not so much!

  4. DirkH

    His creepiness would predestine him for a second career as supervillain in a Hollywood movie. Just add some heavy German accent, i guess he could do that.

  5. R. de Haan

    Who takes this climate hooker into the courts?

  6. M White

    I don’t see “international law” being broken.

    But if I’m wrong who exactly will be taking who to court. By 2020 China will be by far the biggest emitter of CO2. on the planet.

  7. Paddy

    Enlighten me. What treaty mandates that global surface temperatures must be reduced at least 2C by 2020? Treaties are the source of international law. International laws cannot be duly deemed in order to fit various radical agendas of the UN and NGOs..

    M White: China has been the world’s largest emitter of CO2 for two years.

    1. M White

      I know, but by 2020 the gap between chinese and US emission is likely to be substantial

  8. Joe

    To contradict the dewy-eyed fantasies of high school students, there is no such thing as International Law as they like to imagine it. There is no “big book of international law”, or any such thing. International law is an area of study of the INTERACTIONS between legal systems in things such as contract and extradition cases if they involve more than one legitimate legal system.

    I know these clowns have their “take me to your leader” fantasies about a single entity ruling the people of the earth, but I would gather that they imagine that it would also somehow remain benign, and that they wouldn’t mind having no say whatsoever over the laws that are imposed upon them. In short, these people love dictatorship, so long as their ideas are the ones imposed on civilization.

    Largely, I believe that they are cretins – wanting access to children for the purpose of programming adherence to their political causes. In the DDR, they used a deeply invasive method of programming on children by berating them for not being able to go to the toilet on cue. Forcing a level of authority over them likely greqater than their parents could, it isn’t hard to impress children with the inate belief in the power of the state.

    Greenies are no different.

  9. Edward


    ………..He got out again!

  10. Pascvaks

    He is ‘sorta’, ‘kinda’, ‘almost’ correct actually. If you say something (anything) often enough, loud enough, at the appropriate time enough, and don’t smile too much, people today think you’re serious and –as far as they know– you’re probably not a nut trying to sell snow to Eskimos. (Even if you are;-) Especially if you have a ‘Herr Doktor’ of something (anything) before your name from some ‘University’ accredited by somebody (or nobody) on the World Wide Web. The more you shout “FIRE!” in a crowded theater, the more likely someone’s going to believe you and run in panic. “Law”, especially the soft, squishey “International” kind, is very flexable and accomodating to anyone who wishes to use it in a lie. So, really, he is ‘sorta’, ‘kinda’, ‘almost’ correct actually.

    1. Ed Caryl

      The Big Lie, when repeated often enough becomes the truth. Where have I heard that before?

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