Dr. Holger Thuss Of EIKE Reports On 6th International Climate Change Conference In Washington

What follows is a translation (with some minor editing) of the German report appearing here.

Heartland Institute’s 6th International Climate Conference Concludes

While climate tourists were meeting for the zillionth time to talk about rescuing the Kyoto Protocol and spreading a party-atmosphere at the taxpayers’ expense in Berlin, elite climate scientists met in Washington for the 6th time (privately financed), and agreed: The global climate is as normal as it has ever been – only the politics in a few countries (foremost Germany) is getting more and more out of whack.

 In Berlin concerned German Environment Minister Norbert Röttgen was doing his best to encourage the stalled and disappointed UN climate rescuers, and demanded they not relent in their attempts to avert the imaginary climate catastrophe. After all climate change is “a crisis for humanity”. For Röttgen and his Climadonna Merkel it’s nothing less. In contrast, everything at the 6th International Climate Conference in Washington was factual and based on science, and not fear and emotions. What follows are some impressions by EIKE’s President, Dr. Holger Thuss”

“About 250 participants and media representatives made their way to Washington to the 6th International Conference on Climate Change of the Heartland Institute (ICCC-6), a think-tank in Chicago. Organizers set out to challenge the so-called consensus on man-made global warming. The most important result of the conference which ended on the first of July was that such a consensus does not exist. 

The most important presentations were made by Dr. Patrick  J. Michaels (George Mason University / Cato Institute), Prof. Dr. S. Fred Singer (Emeritus of the University of Virginia) and Prof. Bob Carter (Queensland University, Australia). In his presentation Michaels concentrated on the historical background of the climate debate, where the organisational prerequisites were created already back in the 1940s. A big problem, says Michaels, is especially the existing combination of science funding with political-strategic planning by politicians. 

Prof. Singer introduced the updated progress report of the 2009/10 NIPCC Climate Report of the independent scientists. Prof. Bob Carter reported on the detailed study of the New Zealand temperature data, which also showed a strange upward jump in temperatures very similar to the famous hockey stick manipulations (Climategate), where experts were able to find major flaws. Also here raw data “disappeared”.

Special emphasis has to be placed on the contributions by Marc Morano (ClimateDepot.org and CFACT) and Anthony Watts (Wattsupwiththat.com), who run 2 of the most important skeptic websites globally. While Morano delivered a large quantity of new information on the status of climate policy, Watts provided the unmistakable many and wide range of error sources when recording and measuring of important weather data. Moreover Morano, Watts and other speakers emphasized that the politicization of the climate climate debate has continued to increase since the last conference. In all western countries it is being attempted to drive climate-change education into the minds of young children at schools by incorporating a binding curriculum – but only with minimal success. In contrast, there are questionable scientific facts which are being also legally challenged in countries like the USA and Australia. Also information on the status of this was provided.

The most problematic country in the west concerning the subject of climate change remains – this became clear during the conference – Germany. Especially during the breaks observers from Germany were again and again asked worried questions about the German “Sonderweg“, i.e. different path.”

Dr. Holger Thuß, EIKE; in Washington

6 responses to “Dr. Holger Thuss Of EIKE Reports On 6th International Climate Change Conference In Washington”

  1. DirkH

    The fun thing is that the Germans stubbornly want to continue in their CO2 reducing ways; even though it obviously will not have an effect (even assuming the CO2 hypothesis to be true) when the rest of the world doesn’t partake. So even though it’s OBVIOUSLY useless they won’t reconsider.

    It’s pretty bizarre living here.

  2. cementafriend

    Small error- Prof Bob Carter is at James Cook University Townsville Queensland where there is a marine research centre doing research on the Great Barrier Reef beside other things. Bob Carter recently travelled on a Research vessel, in the Southern Ocean, which sampled ocean bottom sediments – he has a geological background, he will by writing another peer reviewed paper. The University also has a Cyclone centre which has researched cyclone warning systems, damage from cyclones and prepared building standards for housing to withstand cyclones. In the last cyclone earlier this year with winds in excess of 190km/hr, just north of Townsville all new housing built to design standards survived intact. The Professor (an engineer) who established the Cyclone building research centre is also an expert on earthquakes. There is a video of Prof Carter’s talk on the Heartland web site

  3. Ulrich Elkmann

    Re: the fun thing about stubborn Germans. They’re keeping up a true and tried tradition. Remember the SED’s chief ideologue Kurt Hager talking about Perestroika: „Würden Sie, nebenbei gesagt, wenn Ihr Nachbar seine Wohnung neu tapeziert, sich verpflichtet fühlen, Ihre Wohnung ebenfalls neu zu tapezieren?“
    (“Would you, if your neighbor repapers his apartment, feel like you should also repaper your apartment?”) (Stern magazine, 1987) (There are snarky undertones here, since (nonavailable) wallpaper was stood in for the notorious shortage of consumer goods in the workers’ paradise).

  4. DirkH

    Bremerhaven is a city with high unemployment and stands in the shadow of Hamburg. To lure more tourists into their city, they built various “edutainment” centers. One of them is the Klimahaus (climate house), a kind of donut-shaped warmist propaganda centre, opened 2009 (inaugurated by Bob! Geldof!) at a cost of 100+ million Euro.

    Of course, what they do there is propagating warmism. That’s what the visitors come for. If there are visitors; i don’t know that. Like any state-run propaganda centre i would expect it to pile up massive losses.

    Anyhow; they have a meteorologist there, Michael Theusner, who proclaims: We will see more noctiluscent clouds in Germany, and they are signs of Climate Change; either caused by an increase in Methane (in 85 km height? what?) or by a cooling of the mesosphere (which, according to Theusner, is caused by Climate Change).

    The German article only says “Klimawandel” and does not spell out the “Antropogenic” but in Germ media, “Klimawandel” always means antropogenic, CO2 caused as that has been hammered into us over the past 20 years.

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