Poland Blocks Europe Madness

I was in transit over the last day and so moderation was absent. Blogging in the days ahead will also be reduced and stories shorter.

In the news Poland is holding firm against all the EU-climate rescue nonsense. According to the German site http://klima-der-gerechtigkeit.de/ (Climate of Justice!), climate protection is going to be increasingly problematic with Poland, who are now suing the EU Commission because of the EU’s conditions that will mean charging emitters for rights to emit greenhouse gases. After 2013, companies will have to pay for certificates. 95% of Poland’s electricity is generated using coal, and the country plans to build an additional 13 coal-fired power plants in the future, READ HERE, which writes:

Its heavy dependence on coal for electricity production is highlighted by a plan to build 13 new coal-fired power plants, for which the country obtained free “carbon permits” from the European Commission the day before it assumed the Presidency. ClientEarth, an environmental NGO, is reportedly attempting to bring the matter to court, arguing that such free allocations under the EU-ETS are not legal.”

Let’s hope Poland sticks to its guns and doesn’t cave in to the green suicide energy-pact that is being rammed through in Europe.

7 responses to “Poland Blocks Europe Madness”

  1. DirkH

    Go Poland Go! All the best to you guys and to the Czech ! If there’s anything good about the EU at the moment it’s the voice of sanity from the East.

    O/T talking about sanity; or the lack thereof: Steve Goddard has found an appearance of an über-creepy Schellnhuber on Australian TV.

  2. matti

    It is both prudent, responsible and logical to allow less wealthy European nations the freedom to develop and grow with least cost energy options that the now more prosperous nations had when they were growing.

  3. Edward

    “Let’s hope Poland sticks to its guns and doesn’t cave in to the green suicide energy-pact that is being rammed through in Europe.”

    Absolutely PG.

    We salute you Poland! Some of us Brits still remember the Free Poles, stay free lads and lasses.

  4. Bob in Castlemaine

    It’s encouraging to see a government prepared to put the interests of it’s people first by standing up against the insidious warming orthodoxy. We here in Australia, where 80% of our power comes from coal, could use some of that. At the moment we have a Socialist/Green government which is at war with the people, implementing a carbon dioxide tax that the people voted emphatically against at a federal election less than a year ago.

  5. Time Traveller

    Surely the EU will be obliged to re-write its climate obligations now that Germany has seen sense and committed itself to building coal-fired power stations?

  6. Viv Evans

    Shouldn’t Poland be congratulated on building more coal-fired power stations?
    After all – it seems that China’s coal-fired power stations ‘suppress’ global warming.
    Isn’t that what all the warmista’s fears are about – that we’ll be cooked to death?

    So they should insist on more and more coal power stations, shouldn’t they?
    Btw – some people here think the Germans are very clever, building more coal-fired power stations themselves, thus doing their bit to reduce AGW …


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