Henryk Broder And ARD Public Television Expose, Ridicule German Climate Fanaticism

German flagship ARD public television broadcast a half hour show that was actually fully devoted to poking fun at the now religious climate movement in Germany.The show even ended with a warning that the movement may be getting out of hand. Okay, it was aired at 11.15 p.m., long after most Germans had gone to bed. Better than nothing, I guess.

The video at the above link is in German and I can’t post here because of copyright. But if you understand German, it is worth watching.

The show features Henryk Broder and Hamed Abdel-Samad journeying through Germany where they stop at various climate protection events and projects, etc. and at times speak to various climate protection leaders. Although the pair pokes fun at the people they interview, one gets a sense of just how radical and fanatic the movement has become.

In Germany, man-made climate change is long established and institutionalised. Germany is well into its mission to rescue the planet. The media, institutes, information centres, schools, government offices, tax laws, economic central planning programs, subsidies, etc. are all in place and geared at rescuing the climate. Everyone is being advised today to do their part to protect the climate.

At the 17:30 mark Broder and Abdel-Samad stop by and surprise German Green Party Chief Claudia Roth, who clearly doesn’t want to talk to Broder. Eventually she does answer Broder’s question after he presses her to tell us what she thinks sustainability means, about the eco-dictatorship and forcing everybody to live that way. Roth says:

“I don’t want someone going around telling everybody ‘you have to do this, do that, do this. I just want the citizens to have a “human literacy” so that they can decide for themselves. I don’t want to act with bans, but I can see limits are necessary, so if you’ll excuse me I really have to go.”

What she means by “human literacy” is that she wants people to believe the fairy tale and that they behave the way she wants them to. And with “limits” she means that if people go beyond them, then it’ll be very uncomfortable. The green person that Broder is left talking with after Roth is chauffeured)away in a luxury car reveals more about how the green vision looks:

And if we succeed to live well with another, cultural, ecological and technological standard, for example mobility will change, agriculture and nutrition will change, living, that is everything will change …the Great Transformation)’

Broder replies:

In the end a big beautiful world?”

Broder’s and Abdel-Samad’s journey takes them to the Bavarian Ministry of Environment, where a director tells them about the virtues of separating your garbage, installing solar panels and turning off the lights.

Next stop is a school in Hamburg with a project to climatically brainwash its kids. For example a teacher tells us how children are taught not to open the oven while the pizza is baking because it’s bad for the climate. Throughout the journey, Broder and Abdel-Samad’s often pose the question: “What do we do with those that don’t cooperate?”. The answer is always in a nutshell (paraphrasing):

We have to convince them to do so…otherwise we’ll make their lives hell.”

Even a young pupil is shown telling us that people who don’t go along have to be made to feel embarrassed and guilty about it. One zealously committed teacher proudly says they are all “acting as role models for the rest of the world”.

At the 25-minute mark, see how it all works in the classroom and how the kids are allled to think it’s all going to lead to utopia. Indeed kids are assigned to run around the school to check the heaters, lights, ventilation, windows, etc.  Eco-absurdity and climate protection madness that has indeed gripped Germany.

Broder appropriately ends with an ominous comment as a warning:

I really believe that in every idea to make a better world, lurks a hidden threat.”

17 responses to “Henryk Broder And ARD Public Television Expose, Ridicule German Climate Fanaticism”

  1. DirkH

    Roth is scary. And a correction: Broder says after talking to the Roth companion: “And in the end… a Brave New World.” (Schoene Neue Welt is the German title of the book). The Green seems to not understand the allusion (Really! What illiterates!) and repeats “Yeah, the Great Transformation is my big theme…”

    1. Ulrich Elkmann

      They have got rid of all three German classics in education: Goethe, Schiller, and now Shakespeare too…

  2. DirkH

    Oh lordy mine; that Hamburg school… the “Klima AG”… wait… no… no hotties. Why are these boys in that Klima AG? What a terrible upper crust school.

  3. Ike

    Scary stuff… 🙁

    “kids are assigned to run around the school to check the heaters, lights, ventilation, windows, etc.”

    first thing I thought of when I saw this, “Blockwarte” (Block Leader).


    […] the new Blockleiter was concerned with enforcing Nazi doctrine and supervising the local population. After 1933, the local Blockleiter was in charge of spreading propaganda and developing an acceptance to the policies of the NSDAP among the households (typically 40 to 60) in his area.

    It was also the duty of the Blockleiter to spy on the population and report any anti-Nazi activities to the local Gestapo office; this allowed a Nazi terror state. This was helped by keeping files on each household (Haushaltskarten). Due to such activities, Blockleiters were particularly disliked by the general population. […]

    By the close of World War II, it is thought that there were nearly half a million Blockleiter”

    There we go again…training our kids to be good Blockwarte.

    Mr. Broder quoted a phrase from Wolfgang Pohrt: “Früher haben die Deutschen der Welt den Krieg erklärt, heute erklären sie ihr den Frieden.” (my English is not that good to translate it properly)



    1. DirkH

      We don’t call them Blockwarte anymore, it’s Nachhaltigkeitsbeauftragter now. (Sustainability commissioner). They already exist; here’s a random German news article that tells how a delegation of the Green party visits the sustainability commissioner of some city to see how’s it going with the sustainability efforts.


      Claudia Roth, boss of the federal Green party, BTW, was the manager of a German leftist radical rock band, the “Ton Steine Scherben”, for 2 years until they dissolved because they were to indebted (!) – so much for her business acumen. 😉

      And with regard to the dumb kids in the climate protection workgroup in that school – maybe they want to become EU or German federal bureaucrats like their parents (upper crust schools in Germany are mostly populated with bureaucrat kids) – so the sustainability efforts form a necessary part of their c.v. … poor little bastards.

  4. DirkH

    BBC publishes video interview with a “trader” called Rastani who predicts doom and gloom (and says “Governments don’t rule the world; Goldman-Sachs does”) and comes across as a, well, guy from the City (“our job is to make money from [the crash]” – implying that he has “a job”):

    Turns out he’s a hobbyist/wannabe, says Der Spiegel:

    Good job by Rastani.

  5. Bernd Felsche

    Nice film-work to capture the reaction of the gullible young lady starting at about 8:20.

    She says: “I feel … or I find that something positive is happening (?). And I find it good that …that it is going in the right direction.”

    To which the response comes “Like the old psychologists’ joke: Good that we talked about it”

  6. Bernd Felsche

    Having now seen the whole thing, I can see the threat beyond the group of DLF (Darling Little Fascists) in the closing minutes.

    The “Zukunftsbundesschutzamt” – Future Federal Protection Office. Anybody who doesn’t share the official delusion of the future will be branded a criminal.

    I hope that the follow-up programme will air in a fortnight.

  7. John F. Opie

    Even more absurd after the young lady was the “BWL” student (business student) who said that it was just because he was a business student, he had the duty to view things from a non-capitalist viewpoint.

    Oy. That guy’s never gonna get a job in the real world. Probably will run a sustainability department somewhere, where he can move the chairs around on the deck.

    …and “The Great Transformation”. Oy. The Great “Let Me Tell You How to Live Your Life” is what is meant. Anyone who doesn’t want to live that way: we’ll put you through re-education and self-criticism groups until you see your politically incorrect behavior and regret your false consciousness. Grandpa, if you run the motor too long, you won’t get a kiss: but that’s not blackmail, noooooo.

    Ye gods. Doomed, I tell you, we’re all dooooomed.

    1. Ulrich Elkmann

      “… we’ll put you through re-education …”: that’s the official rhetoric just after the takeover. Once such people are in power, they just do not offer would-be dissenters any option to step out of line. “Public meetings” and the like are there to drive home that point on a weekly basis, to everybody. “Re-education camps” invariably turn out to be the Gulag. The “Inner Party” (to use Orwell’s term) never fools itself that it can “educate” the Proles; terror and brutal impoverishment keep them in line much more effectively. (Well: but they can denounce those apparatchiks foolish enough to parrot the Party rhetoric slavishly as “overzealous” and “deviationist”: in our system, comrade, there is NO way to buy into salvation.)

  8. biggreenlie

    One would “assume” that these little “eco-whackos” that are being brainwashed by teachers and Green leaders are finished and beyond help. My question is “where are the parents?”
    Do they not see their children coming home after school checking the light switches, lowering the temperature controls on the home heating and locking the windows so heat doesn’t escape? Not to mention the pamphlets and written propaganda they have in their school bags from the classrooms?
    Are the parents of these children so “disconnected” from reality that they don’t know what’s going on?
    Maybe the Grand Parents could offer them up a harsh lesson about what happens to a bunch of little “Dictators” who try and change society in a negative way. It’s called World War!

  9. mwhite

    It’s highly likely that other problems will get in the way of the green utopia.


    “The €2 trillion fund to save the euro”

    Unlike the agw problem, the debt problem is real. The euro would appear to be more important, plenty of talk about an american type fiscal union.

    1. Bernd Felsche

      Fiscal unions between sovereign nations?

      When has that ever worked?

      Barosso, et al like to pretend that Europe consists of homogeneous peoples operating under homogeneous governments, with homogeneous geography and climates; sharing homogeneous cultures and homogeneous ambitions.

      If Europe *could* all be one nation, it would have become that many, many years ago. The peoples of Europe don’t want to become homogenised.

      (The inevitable pun on “Soylent Green” cannot be avoided.)

      1. mwhite
  10. DirkH

    Don’t laugh.
    Jewellery from recycled Gold.
    The entire goldsmithing business jumps on the sustainability bandwagon by exploiting the complete lack of public education.
    Try this google search. They all tell you that they recycle their gold. No really. They stopped throwing it away.

  11. DirkH

    Sustainability in Berlin:
    Berlin sustains its gridlock – the Greens, junior partner in the ruling Red-Green coalition, do their best to block the building of the A100, a new stretch of Autobahn. Even though the city gets Other Peoples Money for the project. Greens wanted to stop the Autobahn construction and use the OPM for their own projects; federal minister says “Nada” – the money will only flow for the Autobahn. Greens try to block it anyway. Can’t have infrastructure projects in Germany; that would be unsustainable.


    Imagine how much Carbon could have been sequestered by the asphalt. Tsk, tsk.

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