4th International Climate And Energy Conference, Munich Germany – Register Now

There have been lots of new and exciting developments this year in climate science, mainly the growing evidence that the sun (no surprise here) plays an obvious role in driving climate, as we have recently heard from CERN. This will certainly be one of the major points of focus at this year’s conference.

That’s why distinguished speakers such as Prof. Dr. Jan Veizer, Prof. Dr. Nir Shaviv and Prof. Dr. Henrik Svensmark are slated to tell us more about it and the reaction from the scientific community.

I attended last year’s conference and I can tell you it was worth every minute, and I intend to go this year as well. A number of other bloggers were there too. Andrew Montford will also be a speaker.

Register now

You can now register to attend the 4th International Conference on Climate and Energy In Munich, Germany, November 25-26, 2011.



Registering and conference fees

  • € 80 – Daily fee (one day)
  • € 140 – Full conference fee private participants for 2 days
  • € 290 – Company fee per visitor  for 2 days

All prices include VAT. The conference fee inludes literature, meals and coffee breaks each day. Again, registration form here.

More conference info here and here.

Conference is in English and German (simultaneous translation).

One response to “4th International Climate And Energy Conference, Munich Germany – Register Now”

  1. DirkH

    AMSR-E shut down forever. This could explain Bremen’s funny sea ice record minimum result.

    Yes, they did indeed use AMSR-E:

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