Countries Leaving Kyoto Process – Kyoto Countries May Soon Be Down To Only 16% Of Global CO2 Emissions!

The German online CO2 Handel here writes that things are looking bleaker than ever for a Kyoto successor climate treaty.

Once again German Environment Minister Norbert Röttgen has dumped more cold water on expectations for a climate treaty in Durban later this year. CO2 Handel writes:

‘A breakthrough for a global climate protection treaty as a successor to the Kyoto Protocol which expires in 2012 is unrealistic,’ said Röttgen on Friday in Capetown.”

Even worse for the junk-science-based climate rescue movement is that their numbers are shrinking rapidly and approaching fringe status. As China and USA refuse to sign a treaty, CO2 Handel writes:

After the announced departures of Japan and Canada from the Kyoto process, only the EU as well as Norway and a few other countries see themselves contractually obligated to systematically reduce CO2 emissions. Rising CO2 emissions of countries, among them the USA and China, as well as the shrinking number of countries in the Kyoto process could result in Kyoto countries being responsible for only 16% of the global CO2 emissions.”

11 responses to “Countries Leaving Kyoto Process – Kyoto Countries May Soon Be Down To Only 1611 Of Global CO2 Emissions!”

  1. Will Delson

    Have any of the signatories to the original met their commitments (without mathematical chicanery)?

  2. DirkH

    From the article:
    “Röttgen fordert, die EU-Ziele von 20 Prozent weniger Emissionen bis 2020 noch einmal zu erhöhen. Das würde Europas Technologieführerschaft auf diesem Gebiet sichern.”

    “Röttgen demands to increase the EU goals of a 20% [CO2] emissions reduction til 2020. This would ensure Europe’s technological leadership in this area.”

    Yeah, because Europe has no other problems /sarc. Merkel will ignore Röttgen; Greece will need much more money than planned, die Welt reports. Default is looming.

    1. Bernd Felsche

      Röttgen doesn’t demonstrate an understanding of the broken window fallacy.

      Technological leadership is only valid if it increases the potential for nett wealth by itself.

      Imposing penalties on existing production “breaks windows”.

  3. DirkH

    Low arctic sea ice leads to huge increases in plankton; study in GRL says. 2- to 6-fold increase measured in the Beaufort Sea. German article:
    (The increased bioproductivity does not mean we’re not very concerned about negative consequences of AGW, assure the scientists.)

  4. GregO

    “Global climate protection treaty…”

    Am I the only one stricken by the hubris and enormous ignorance of such a conceit?

    Sometime in our future – 20-30 years I fervently hope less, we will look back on the delusion of Man-Made Global Warming as the grandest perversion of science in our history and one of the grandest human delusions. It is time for us humans to grow up and grow past our primitive pagan/Gaia worshiping childishness.

  5. Ed Caryl
  6. R. de Haan

    Kyoto II is irrelevant.

    Europe, Australia, New Zealand have already surrendered to a CO2 trading system. The US is conquered state by state.

    Now with the economic crises we are robbed from our civil liberties and freedom at an astonishing rate.

    The Global regime that will be in power soon can do what ever they want to.

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