Schellnhuber Says “House Of Mankind Is Rotten”

The know-it-all German Greens want to create a new world. But the question is how ugly would their world be? I live in Germany, and I can tell you the windmills everywhere are a total eyesore and are doing nothing to cut back emissions. Here’s a good report on the German movement. H/t: DAmbler.

Green Is Ugly: Style Problems Plague Clean Energy Push

Germany is a world leader when it comes to green energy. But while its windmills and solar panels may be cleaning up the atmosphere, they’re also sullying the landscape.

Recent speeches and interviews by Green Party leaders offer insights into their plans for the future: speed limits, higher taxes and lots of regulations. Fans of fast cars will still be able to enjoy their rides, but not at the expense of the greater good of the people. Introduction of the planned speed limit would kill the one place where Germany is less regulated than the rest of the world, the Autobahn.

The Greens are hoping many people give up their cars altogether. Their re-education efforts – aimed at turning Germans into eternal bike riders – demonize the highway in order to glorify the bike path.

The intellectual cue givers for this planned policy shift leave no doubt about the drastic nature of the change. The government’s environmental advisory council demands nothing less than the reconstruction of civil society.

“The house of mankind is rotten and needs to be repaired urgently,” says climate scientist and advisory council member Hans Joachim Schellnhuber. “We need a sustainability revolution.”  Read more…

16 responses to “Schellnhuber Says “House Of Mankind Is Rotten””

  1. DirkH

    From the article:
    “Artist Joseph Beuyes has not found a successor within the Green Party. ”

    It should be noted that Beuys was always a destroyer of aesthetic values, never a creator; a postmodern vulture feeding on what he perceived as a rotten culture very much like Schellnhuber pretends to. It’s the same self-hating attitude.

    This german self-loathing you can recognize – we have NO famous artist that creates a new aesthetic or even tries; very much unlike the French or the Italians with their love of fashion and their incredibly talented graphical artists; my all-time favourite being Jean-Claude Mézières.

    One theory is that the eternal cloudy skies and the dim, false light of the Euro CFL’s stop us from ever developing any sense of aesthetics…

    1. Ulrich Elkmann

      Another graphic artist from the French tradition of the ligne claire might be Francois Schuiten. One look at the design of his Cités obscures is enough to cure one of the current art brut standard.

  2. Ulrich Elkmann

    From Poschardt’s article:
    “So far, the current eco-revolutionary avant-garde has not shown any expertise in the realm of the beautiful. Artist Joseph Beuyes (sic!) has not found a successor within the Green Party. Now, the lifestyle trend that confuses fair-trade products with luxury, colorfulness with elegance, pettiness with minimalism, and IKEA with Scandinavian design, threatens to take over.”
    On the contrary, Beuys has found countless successors – the whole Green Revolution has his aesthetic stamp on it. (Has Poschardt EVER looked at anything that master of “fat and felt”produced?).
    And by getting in a cheap shot at Ikea, he also shows himself to be the true Green aristocrat who pefers breakfasts at Tiffany’s over such plebeian matters as affordable and robust furniture for the hoi polloi.

  3. DirkH

    I have, BTW, discovered a new crazy movement that sounds like a Malthusian’s wet dream: The Zeitgeist movement. They want a global centralized government by computer; noone will have to work, it’s like Technocracy reloaded, only that the technocrats are replaced by computers. Like Technocrcy, they propose a money-less, resource-based economy; feeding on the current general feeling that “the system is broken”. Of course, the machines will make sure we don’t consume more than the carrying capacity of the planet allows, so everything will be hunky-dory forever.

    1. Ulrich Elkmann

      That was already tried:
      Project Cybersyn in Chile under Allende, 1971-73.
      (and yes, it looks exactly like a science fictional wet dream of the era: Beam Me Up):
      On the other hand, everybody is decrying the current state of SF: it’s either blatant or disguised fantasy (see Tom Shippey recently in WSJ; or it is depressingly dystopian (nothing new for Germans who had to grow up with Gudrun Pausewang). Everybody in the critical business seems to long for new versions of the Heinlein of Andre Norton juveniles. But these usually started with exactly the kind of Earth government that Zeitgeist proposes: the mindless Computocracy (with the Master Computer á la Colossus or Logan’s Run) for the heroes to rebel against, or at least flee from. So, faced the the proposal of Big Brother ex Machina, the litterateurs at least might change tack back to the Golden Age of SF…

      1. DirkH

        Thanks; I completely forgot about Beer’s experiment. Someday I’ll have to wrap my head around Kalman filters and Bayesian filters; I’m used to a more signal theoretical approach and boolean logic, I’m sure there are some correspondences.
        In the meantime I’m watching Zeitgeist’s slick propaganda films; warning; they’re LONG:

        1. DirkH

          And wow. It was worth it. Concentrated lunacy.

  4. Edward

    “There is no end in sight to the green success story. The state of Baden-Wuertemberg recently elected a Green governor, and in a couple of years a Green Party member could reign in Berlin, the capital.”


    Is it that the Germans are so scared of ‘going back to the old ways’. That, they stream headlong towards the cliff? It’s all very lemming like.


    Close your eyes, cover your ears, hum green sounds, fill your head with green nothings and mother gaia’s sweet ways will succour your human condition and real life will become a green Utopia!?

    Of course! We have them [green loons] in Britain, it’s just we can’t ever take anything ultimately so seriously – it just ain’t us. It’s the ancestral AngloSaxon/Nordic seadog in us, if you go to sea, rely on the sea – you take everything with a pinch of salt – you have to, each day may be your last breathing one.

    1. DirkH

      The article is from April, that was right after Fukushima when the Greens reached up to 30% in unvalidated polls; nuclear Angst. they’re now down to a more realistic 17%. And ran into some realpolitik problems in Baden Württemberg and in Berlin, where they failed to agree to a coalition with the SPD over a conflict about an extension to the local city Autobahn, – the total anti infrastructure attitude of the Greens, be it nuclear, railway stations or highways comes back to bite them. Always siding with the NIMBY folks means you never build something. Some people have understood that.

  5. R. de Haan

    The House of Mankind is rotten all right but the only only thing we need to do to restore the house is kick out the green scaremongers and their crooked scam to shackle humanity with a CO2 footprint and a Global Totalitarian Regime.

    Screw them all.

  6. biggreenlie

    Exactly!……….the quote should read: “The House of Green Mankind is rotten”!…….right to the core!!!!!!!!

  7. Joe

    It’s not a “style” problem, it’s a problem with motives. If you really wan’t ugly, peer into the malthusian soul of Claudia the clown lady.

  8. kwik
    1. DirkH

      Very interesting results by JAXA, thanks!
      Looks like industrial emissions are not the big problem. They’re only 5% of the flow in and out of the atmosphere anyway.

  9. Ken Mueller

    It was a mistake to beat them so badly militarily, then stand guard for at least two generations.

  10. Anthony Watts

    You know, all I had to do was read the headline at Climate Depot to know who said it. I come here and bingo …Schellnhuber.

    He’s so predictable, so anti-people, so “bats”.

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