German Professor Slams Global Warming Science – Calls Mann’s Hockey Stick “A Very Very Nasty Fabrication”

Michael Krüger at our friends Science Skeptical brings us this jewel of German dissent. Professor Dr. rer. nat. Richard Dronskowski at Aachen University brings loud applause from what appears to be a lecture hall full of his students as he slams the AGW science and the hucksters behind it.

At the 1.10 mark he calls Al Gore’s film An Inconvenient Truth “inconsistent” and reminds us how scientists “warned of cooling” in 1970s. At the 2.25 mark he brings up Michael Mann’s hockey stick chart:

No chart has been so falsified as the hockey stick chart. It’s an embarrassment for the IPCC.”

A little later he referred to it as a “nasty fabrication” that was debunked by a “Canadian think tank”. Dronskowski reminds his audience that the scientists are talking about “tenths of a degree” with error margins “of a full degree” and that “nobody can believe it”. At the 3:42 mark he again repeats:

“This hockey stick curve was a very very nasty fabrication designed to spread fear”.

At the 4.00 min. mark he shows the GISS temperature chart and reminds us at the 4.50 mark that:

It was supposed to get warmer, but the temperature hasn’t gone anywhere.”

He cautioned the audience that “the datasets are very shaky”. At the 5:45 mark he brings up consensus, and states emphatically:

There is absolutely no consensus. Zero consensus!”

And then slams Al Gore’s claim that CO2 caused warming, and not vice versa. At the 7.20 mark he tells the audience there is huge money in the game…”$100 billion a year flow because of climate change” and calls the government’s attempt to limit the temperature when it can’t even limit health insurance costs as “madness”. At this point the audience applauds loudly.

He then slams the corruptive effects that the funding has on academics: “I know colleagues who run entire institutes only with climate. There’s no way for them to back down, otherwise the institute will be ruined.”

At the 8.25 mark he reminds the audience:

I want to be clear. There is no causal effect! No consensus! Correlation is not proof!”

To illustrate the point he shows how US domestic oil production correlates with rock music quality, which brings thunderous applause from the audience.

This is indeed a surprising development for Germany. Prof Dronskowski should not wonder tomorrow morning why many other German scientists, who are swimming ingovernment climate funding, are suddenly no longer talking to him.

Prof. Richard Dronskowski a chemist and physicist. He has a faculty position at the Solid State and Quantam Chemistry Department at the RWTH Aachen and is the winner of the Otto Hahn Award of the Max Planck Society. He’s a member of the Collegium of the German Research Society, member of the German Physical Society, and the American Chemical Society.


25 responses to “German Professor Slams Global Warming Science – Calls Mann’s Hockey Stick “A Very Very Nasty Fabrication””

  1. stopcpdotcom

    In “Professor Dr. rer. nat.”, what does rer. nat. mean?

    1. DirkH

      A “Dr. rer. nat.” (rerum naturalis) is a PhD of natural sciences (including mathematics, usually).

      1. Wesst Houston Geo

        Well, I’ll say it.
        Thank you very much!

      2. stopcpdotcom

        Thank you, DirkH.

  2. Ulrich Elkmann

    The greatest scam in history, based on the greatest fraud in science…
    This is today’s lead story on the GWPF site:
    pointing to the story in the New York Times:

    If it has made the NYT, then the bubble has really and truly burst. (One just wonders how long it will take the lamestream media over here to wise up to the fact that it has all been a deluded waste of energy and Other People’s Money? Not that anyone should care about their opinions. At least the NYT apologized to Robert Goddard for ridiculing him for his idea of shooting a rocket to the moon (3 days before Apollo 11 as launched); Die ZEIT has not yet said mea (nostra?) culpa for puffing the GDR back in 1987…)

    1. DirkH

      Ex communist and now Green leader Trittin says he is against more eco subsidies. Talks as if he were a fically responsible person. Wants some class warfare tax hikes, of course.

      So it looks like even the ex-communist bosses of the German Green party have recognized that they need to pretend to be against subsidies to attract voters.

      1. DirkH

        Interesting. He talks a lot of class warfare and nothing about CAGW. Looks like the green color is coming off. Probably he wants to position his party against the competing leftist groups (SPD, Linke, Piraten). Merkel has out-greened the Greens so successfully that there’s no point anymore talking about mad green schemes. The only remaining difference is how much socialism we can get.

  3. John Shade

    Das sind gute Nachrichten!

  4. nofreewind

    This is priceless.!
    Some Harry Potter wanna be UK Climate Scientist. The best part is at about 50 minutes into it when after presently real facts about the Mann tree rings, he explains the “trick”, the divergence, away by simply stating the “trick” was just something that was urged by the publishers. Of course it was.

    1. DirkH

      At 0:43:42 he shows GISTEMP color maps for the temperature distribution DURING THE MWP – the computers clearly show that it was concentrated smack bang over the Norse settlements in Greenland while the rest of the globe was shivering. (yes – even continental Europe is cold on the map).

      Now, when the computers can project climate change 100 years into the future, they can surely project back 1000 years, no? 😉

      “School Of Biological Sciences”… oi.

    2. BargHumer

      I watched as much of this as I could stomach. Comments such as a “balanced media”, so fortunate to have it in the UK, the BBC! when everyone else is biased, especially the right wing (Fox). Then his body language whilst he explains why the divergence was for publishers. I suspect even he didn’t quite agree with this but he tried hard. It was nice to see him use an old bit of tree to point with rather than a metal or plastic pointer, or a laser pen, but there was surely a message about who he was even in that. Unfortunately, this represents a mass of similar types who want to use their ‘down to earth’ rational appeal to reinforce the current paradigm. I don’t think they were cloned, but they went through the same mind programming machine.

  5. mindert eiting

    Prof Dronskowski may also wake up tomorrow morning, noting that other German scientists followed his example. That may cause an avalanche.

  6. Bruce of Newcastle

    “Canadian think tank”

    Steve is Canadian, has a brain which he uses unusually well and is about as unstoppable as a Leopard 2A5, so this is a true statement.

  7. addr

    Yes, the redoubtable Steve Mcintyre is a one man think tank.
    I really wish my German was better as I’d like to follow the Prof’s whole talk.
    Too bad!

    1. DirkH

      He doesn’t go into too much detail; he emphasizes how little we actually know, and that the ice age scare of the 70ies is identical in its rethoric to the warming scare. He literally says “… and now temperatures went up – why – we don’t know.”

      He points to the MWP and how it was hidden by Mann.

      All of this is well known to us Sceptics, but of course, it’s refreshing to see a German Uni prof bring it to his students. The RWTH Aachen is one of the biggest and most important universities for engineering. A friend who lived in Aachen for a while said – no girls in the Discos. Aachen’s nightlife is kinda overcrowded with nerdy male students. 😉

  8. Joseph A Olson, PE

    The real ‘consensus’ headline….

    “97% of Government Funded Scientists Support Government Funding”….

    [but that might expose the ultimate conflict of interest….as all government funding comes with the caveat that “research” proves more taxes and funding are necessary….therefore….any supporting fiction is funded]

  9. kwik

    Another Professor of one of the hard sciences who deserves everyones respect.

    Thank you Professor Dronskowski.

    If more and more classical scientists stand up against the Post Modern “Scientists”, it may very well create an avalanche. Just like Perestroika did. You cannot let out just a little bit truth. It will all come out.

  10. kevin king

    Good to see good old fashioned german common sense prevailing amongst the educated. What a constrast with that foppish biologist from Edinburgh. No contest in the intellectual stakes there.

  11. two points

    This seems fairly groundbreaking, so… it would be great if someone would create a subtitled (?) English translation.

  12. Rudolf Kipp

    For those of you, who wonder where the Video has gone. Remember, this is still Germany. We tolerate everyone’s right for free speech, as long as he shares our opinion…

    I have put the video off-line since the lecturer has been molested by mails and defamation and has received anonymous phone calls in private and his family has been affected as well.

    Ich habe das video offline gesetzt, da der Vortragende durch Mails und üble Nachrede belästigt wird und privat und anonym angerufen wurde und auch die Familie in Mitleidenschaft gezogen wurde.

    1. DirkH

      That’s outrageous. He didn’t attack anyone personally; didn’t name names.

      But maybe not so surprising after all. Every time I turn a stone here in Germany I find a Marxist under it:
      In Berlin, the boss of the Green party faction in the city’s parliament has just resigned; Volker Ratzmann his name. (internal strife for failing to enter a coalition with the SPD)
      Volker Ratzmann was a squatter in the 80ies and a member of…
      “Gruppe Internationaler Marxisten”.

    2. Brian VanderHeyden

      I did not get to see it. I am so sad I cannot. Are there plans to make it available again somehow?

  13. cleanwater

    I’m not sure how long Professor Dronskowski has been aware that Man-made global warming has been a hoax but there are many scientists starting with Robert W. Wood in 1909 that showed that the “greenhouse gas effect” does not exist ,verified in July 2011 by Dr. Nasif Nahle, the work of Gerlich & Tscheuschner in 2009,Dipl-Ing Heinz Thieme and the authors of Slaying the Sky Dragoon and many others
    Thank you Professor Dronskowski and the many students that are learning the facts and spreading them to the uninformed.

  14. Bernd Felsche

    Meanwhile, Prof(essional scare-ster) Mojib Latif has warned of summer temperatures reaching nearly 50 degrees Celsius in Germany if global warming continues.

    Perhaps it’s to counter-balance those who found no certainty in the IPCC’s forthcoming collection of fairy tales to drown out the galloping to the trough Durban.

    Maybe somebody should ask them about South Africa’s frozen pengiuns. Will they repeat the stale argument that cold is warm? Or that short term weather isn’t climate but climate models can predict weather (events).

  15. Fabricio Tolin

    The video was put offline upon request from Dr Dronskowski, since it was published on youtube without his permission. Not only the video but also the complete article from Michael Krüger suddenly disappeared without reason from RE:

    Nobody was molested by mails or anonymous phone calls. This is a misinformation launched by Mr. Krüger.

    So far. Now you may deny this fact. As usual.

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