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From Steven Goddard, sea level

From Global Warming To Spot Heating – UN Scientists Scale Back, Roll Out Latest Scare Story (Again)

From Steven Goddard, sea level rise drop. Der Spiegel reports today how the UN has just come out with a new report claiming the big threat now is local heat waves and freak storms. That’s quite a change from global-wide warming and sea level rise. Remember how for years and years UN scientists, armed with their […]

Nir Shaviv: CO2 “Climate Sensitivity Is On The Low Side”

Somehow I missed Nir Shaviv’s comment about Jasper Kirby’s CLOUD experiment, read here: Shaviv writes (emphasis added): Ok, so what do these results imply? The first point was essentially pointed above. The results unequivocally demonstrate that atmospheric ionization can very easily affect the formation of condensation nuclei (CNs). Since many regions of earth are devoid […]

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