From Global Warming To Spot Heating – UN Scientists Scale Back, Roll Out Latest Scare Story (Again)

From Steven Goddard, sea level rise drop.

Der Spiegel reports today how the UN has just come out with a new report claiming the big threat now is local heat waves and freak storms.

That’s quite a change from global-wide warming and sea level rise.

Remember how for years and years UN scientists, armed with their mighty models, warned the planet faced massive hurricanes, rapid sea level rise and global-wide warming? Funny how we’ve been hearing very little about that lately. We’ve gone from “global warming” to “spot heating” with local storms sprinkled in.

Maybe the change in narrative has something to do with the hard statistics showing no real hurricanes hitting the USA in over 3 years or so. In fact it’s been yet another year with not a hurricane hitting the coast. Indeed tropical cyclone activity looks everything but out of control, and has been taming big time for 20 years! See: Ryan Maue. Can’t dupe the public with that anymore.

Even worse (if you’re an alarmist) is that sea levels are dropping! See Steve Goddard’s site here. They’ve been showing a declining trend over the last couple years. Oh dear! oh dear! The models never predicted that.

These disappearing horrors, once their favorites, have turned into shock and awe over the warmist camp. It’s panic time for them. How on Earth are they now supposed to spread fear and panic when all their old horror scenarios are dissolving before their very eyes?

The answer of course is to trot out new ones, this time they’re using horrors where the statistics are incomplete, thus making it difficult to disprove alleged increasing trends. Not only that, their models have suddenly begun to show they’re coming! And we all know how flawless their models are.

Der Spiegel reports today on how a new UN study has now just come up with local extreme heat waves as the next man-made climate disaster. It’s perfect – man-made heat waves are now lurking somewhere out there, waiting to pounce on unsuspecting regions and fry unprepared citizens. It could happen anywhere, and you may be next! The UN cites Russia and Texas as compelling evidence. Also waiting to ambush locally are storms and flash floods, so says the UN.

But even Der Spiegel is not so convinced and adds:

This year other studies show no increase in weather extremes: Winter storms in the northern hemisphere have been trending less, report scientists in the magazine ‘Tellus’. The same goes for river flooding in USA. That US rivers are being influenced by man-made climate change cannot be discerned, the US Geological Service summed up in October.”

Global sea level rise and global-scale warming are obviously dead. Looks like a tough road ahead for warmists and their desperate efforts to keep the climate Halloween party going.

19 responses to “From Global Warming To Spot Heating – UN Scientists Scale Back, Roll Out Latest Scare Story (Again)”

  1. DirkH

    “The toll from ever-more intense floods, drought, and heatwaves will crescendo this century unless humanity anticipates the onslaught, according to a UN report set to be unveiled on Friday. ”

    Hmm… telling you what – it doesn’t resonate with the young Green German warmist. As usual I’m trying to turn my younger colleagues (they’re all for conversation, they have themselves extremely well insulated houses built, heating running on wood pellets, and so on and so on, they could be cardboard cut outs from a EU sustainability propaganda pamphlet). But they all didn’t get the memo and insist that it’s GLOBAL WARMING that should frighten us. A lot of them use spiegel online as their news source (really – they don’t notice how slanted it is; they don’t go there via google news or something, no they really read all of it it seems) – yet they don’t counter my skeptic message with “We will have more weather extremes”.

    It would be too laughable – Germany has weather extremes all the time anyway. It doesn’t work. The CAGW scientists have no theoretical basis for it anyhow, but it also does not resonate with the fan base. CAGW science could just as well call it a day now and retreat into a home for the aged inept wannabe scientist.

    Maybe the fanboys can still be brainwashed with enough repetition, but for now… no takers.

    1. Bernd Felsche

      Too true about the weather extremes in much of Germany. Temperature changes by about 60°C over a year; in the one place from coldest minimum to hottest maximum.

      Compared to that, it’s mild where I live in (SW) Western Australia, where the annual variation is less than 45°C. That’s mostly due to the thermal capacity (static and transport) of the oceans. Little wonder people prefer to live near the coast.

      60 degrees change a year in Germany is normal; and the alarmists are worried about less than a degree in a century?

  2. matti

    There will be floods and various waves but not due to global warming. We here in Canada are starting our winter early and very cold . There will be cold waves or blizzards as we call them and probably spring floods from all the snow next spring like we had in the spring of 2011. Parts of Canada are already -31 degrees C . It is bound to come to your part of the country by December.

  3. cementafriend

    Pierre, Off topic but this post could stir some comments
    My German is poor. Maybe you could make a translation of some of the important points of this
    The AGW hypothesis has no basis of good science or measurement of cause and effect.

  4. Mervyn

    When are the world’s politicians ever going to wake up to the IPCC scam and abandon this great global warming swindle?

  5. DirkH

    From the Spiegel article:
    “SPIEGEL ONLINE hat wesentliche Ergebnisse des Reports vorab erhalten”

    The report is embargoed til the conference but Der spiegel has received important excerpts in advance…

    Compare to Richard Black:
    “The draft, which has found its way into my possession, contains a lot more unknowns than knowns.”

    So the CAGW Scientists and UN bureaucrats obviously try to create a Muller style Media Blitzkrieg BEFORE publishing their reports; handing out advance copies to their useful idiots in the media but denying copies to anyone else; very much like Wikileaks did as well. And their media lapdogs will have to play nice or get no more preferential treatment.

    Their new MO seems to be “leaking” their computer-animated results…

  6. mindert eiting

    Yes, Pierre, this shows that it’s over. They were sitting on their mountain top waiting for the end of the world, which did not happen. Now they have refreshed their superstition by claiming that CO2 changes all kinds of variance. The proof will not arrive before the end of their lives. Maybe lots of governmental money will keep them busy till the end of their professional lives.

  7. Ed Caryl

    The sea level folks have not given up. They have an explanation. The missing water is on land!

    1. DirkH

      Never happened during La Ninas before. Desperate attempt.

      1. Ed Caryl

        And it won’t take 17 years to falsify.

  8. Bruce of Newcastle

    Jet stream blocking, such as the Moscow event last year, is known to be more common when the Sun is in a minimum. We’re presently in the deepest solar minimum for about 200 years.

    Do Spiegel or the UN mention this inconvenient fact?

    1. DirkH

      At least Der Spiegel has not reported about the grand minimum by now (AFAIK). Hamburg, the city they occupy, is consumed by alarmism, and has many alarmist rent seekers – a whole slew of PV companies and salesmen; Desertec; a climate research faculty; they are the EU’s climate capitol this year, meaning a lot of marketing agencies got tons of money from the EU to create propaganda pieces in museums, and all the school kids get dragged through these exhibitions. CAGW is the lifeblood of Hamburg, and Der Spiegel is its prophet.

  9. Ulrich Elkmann

    Well, they did mention it, here & there, under “science” (not recently and in another department; the idea that solar radiation might have something to do with terrestrial temperatures bein a discredited theory like alchemy). e.g.: [keep in mind that the German format is dd-mm-yy]:
    17.06.2011 – Abkühlung: Forscher sagen lange Sonnenpause voraus. Von Markus Becker
    [“Cooling: scientists predict long solar pause”],1518,768731,00.html

    20.09.2010 – Klimaforschung: Experten prophezeien lange Sonnenschwäche. Von Holger Dambeck
    [“Climate science: experts predict long solar weakness”],1518,717893,00.html

    07.10.2010 – Klima-Paradoxon entdeckt: Sonne wärmt stärker während Schwächephase
    Von Axel Bojanowski
    [“Climate paradoxon discovered: sun is warming stronger during weak period”],1518,721715,00.html

    It’s only inconvenient if it comes up in the same issue.

  10. Ulrich Elkmann

    Hamburg as the Greenest of ’em all:
    Construction of “Europe’s first green logistics center” (whatever that means) is reduced to a snail’s pace – i.e. stopped in its tracks – by snails: ramshorn snails, Anisus vorticulus.
    Wikipedia (the German version) tells that the species has been chosen as “mollusc of the year” for 2011. There are deserving award winners.

  11. grayman

    Hi Pierre, living in Austin Texas, yes it was a HOT AS HELL summer! Last year was a cool summer, only a few 100 plus days compared to this year, but that has been going on for the 40 years i have lived here. It is a blocking high pressure system comes in and parks itself. Same with Russia last year. It Is in the written and Geological records. Now if the alarmist and their lemmings would do some due diligence and research it they would all see it is no different. So now the IPCC is saying WEATHER is going to happen regionally. Now if some people would get out of the house they would actually see that. But i guess that would be to much to ask.

  12. Ron

    “Maybe the change in narrative has something to do with the hard statistics showing no real hurricanes hitting the USA in over 3 years or so. In fact it’s been yet another year with not a hurricane hitting the coast.”

    Well, not exactly. We sat in the dark for 7 days due to Irene – the non-existant hurricane you mentioned for 2011.

    This does not diminish the rest of the article, however – merely a clarification of the facts.

  13. Mike M

    At least with CAGW there was a real theory that CO2 would or was causing the planet to warm and that warming would then produce all kinds misery like 50 million climate refugees, etc.

    But if CO2 warming is now officially on hold, what is the theory of extremes actually based upon without the warming? Are they claiming CO2 somehow DIRECTLY causes the extremes? It seems like they are abandoning the CO2 = warming theory and instead of replacing it with another theory they are simply skipping straight to the ‘scary stuff’ with no scientific basis at all. (Or purposefully not telling us what that science is because it is sooo laughable…)

    Who is paying these people?

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