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Hans von Storch: North Sea Sea Levels Rising 20 cm/century (Only)

German “intellectual” online daily Die Zeit here interviews four (state-funded) alarmists (some more, some less) just to reassure its readers that the world is indeed coming to a catastrophic end. Here it’s interesting to compare the remarks of Hans von Storch and Stefan Rahmstorf on the subject of sea level rise of the North Sea, as […]

Even more attended than last year!

CFACT Reports On 4th International Climate Conference In Munich

CFACT was one of the sponsors of the 4th International Climate Conference, which took place in Munich last weekend. What follows is a worthwhile interview with the Chairman of the European Institute for Climate and Energy (EIKE), Holger Thuss, presented by CFACT. ================================================= On Friday and Saturday, November 25 & 26, as the UN prepared to kick […]

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