Schellnhuber Awarded Order Of The British Empire “For Spouting Bullshit”, Ray Bradley And Phil Jones Write

Reader cementafriend provides us with a Climategate e-mail that reveals what warmists really think of their own science and fellow scientists.

In 3803.txt Jan2005, Ray Bradley writes he read that Schellnhuber was awarded the Order of the British Empire (OBE) and comments “how far standards have fallen”. Phil Jones agrees!

date: Tue Jan 18 07:43:29 2005
from: Phil Jones
subject: Re: 2004
to: “raymond s. bradley”

We all agree on that !
I’ll have a look when back on Friday.

At 22:02 17/01/2005, you wrote:
Ok, thanks–see what I posted at [1]
I just read that Schellnhuber got an OBE!!!! I didn’t know you got those for spouting bullshit, but I guess that’s how far standards have fallen. Pretty amazing…

Speaking of falling standards, Al Gore and the IPCC got a Nobel Peace Prize for a crackpot movie and flawed climate reports respectively. So Schellnhuber is now in good company. Who is next? James Hansen?

13 responses to “Schellnhuber Awarded Order Of The British Empire “For Spouting Bullshit”, Ray Bradley And Phil Jones Write”

  1. Harry Dale Huffman

    When the whole political system is suborned by incompetent science, all of its awards are obscenely false. When even the harshest of the long-time critics of the global warming consensus can’t face the simple facts that show there is NO greenhouse effect at all, we know it goes beyond mere fraud and a few bad apples in science. The whole scientific system has been perverted, and is operating not just on ignorance, but on bias and psychological illness.

  2. DirkH

    CAGW troops perform panicky retreat, admit huge uncertainties. Richard Black gets spanked again in comments.


    1. mwhite

      5 Minutes ago
      “what warmists really think of their own science and fellow scientists”

      Who’d of thought.

      1. DirkH


  3. Edward.

    Mike E. Mann for wallowing in his ‘victimhood’ status and ‘poor lil ole me’ act – priceless – he should be awarded an Oscar for graphic artistic fabrication and for patronising the American [+ world] public.

    Jim Hansen, just lock him up, he wants to be a ‘con’………….. in a State Pen’.

    Mark Serreze, a life time achievement award for crying wolf [arctic sea ice is melting] – s’pose it’s gotta happen someday Mark, it has before – might be a long wait.

    Pachauri, ‘Fakir’ of the year!

  4. nofreewind

    Here’s Serreze, at 1:30 explaining how the arctic could be mostly ice free in 2013.
    It’s pretty simple, did you ever notice when you start pushing a glass over that eventually the tipping point is reached? What more do you need to know?

  5. DirkH

    Get ready for airborne windpower! Sounds like a StuKa! Puts the “Alarm” in alarmism!!

    1. Ed Caryl

      No, an airplane shredder!

  6. Ulrich Elkmann
  7. John Blake

    From Gore and the explicitly totalitarian Schellnhuber down, virtually all the Green Gang’s climate kooks –Briffa, Hansen, Jones, Mann, Trenberth et al.– have long since closed ranks as a mutual admiration society, handing each other accolades to the exclusion of any genuinely worthy recipients.

    Having utterly demeaned honorable efforts, manifestly corrupt Academy Awards, Nobels, OBEs (you name it) have become clubs no-one of character and integrity would care to join.

    1. Edward.

      Very well said John.

  8. R. de Haan

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