Monckton Slam-Dunks Panicky Ocean-Acid-Head At CFACT Press Conference

Here’s a snippet from a CFACT news conference in Durban I find quite amusing.

Some British-accented girlie-guy, tree-hugger warmist ocean acidist (Felix von Geyer, Platts Emissions Daily) demands to know “who-the-hell” funds CFACT, and that CFACT comment on ocean acidification.

Lord Monckton gives the yuppie retread more of an education in 2 minutes than he probably ever got during all his years as an undergraduate student.

You can watch the entire CFACT press conference here.

You can watch the entire CFACT press conference here.

I wonder if von Geyer is ever going to realize what a fool he made himself out to be. The guy could have spared himself all the embarassment had he just changed his tone a bit and his words. But oh no. he had to come in there, filled to the nose with arrogance and conceit, and act like he has to lecture everyone else.

Some advice: If you’re a pathetically ignorant soul on a particular subject, then it is a good idea not to run around a pretending to be informed. People see right through it.  In this case we got a full body scan of von Geyer.

Worse, for the students, the guy teaches at Concordia University, Department of Political Science, in Montreal (when he isn’t busy globe-trotting). They’re going to learn from this guy?

If von Geyer’s question signfies anything, it is that the movement has abandoned CO2 gas and has now moved on to Co2 acid.


21 responses to “Monckton Slam-Dunks Panicky Ocean-Acid-Head At CFACT Press Conference”

  1. DirkH

    Love it. No yelling shock troops this time? The EU must be losing interest; otherwise they would have let them loose again.

  2. DirkH

    Ah finally, some EU Envirothugs – unfortunately Pres. Zuma supporters clash with them.

    Lots of them wearing “I <3 KP" T's – is KP Kyoto Protocol or Kommunistische Partei … anyone's guess…
    h/t Breitbart

  3. Joe V.

    The only value in these annual climate shindigs, is in getting the opportunity to hear more of Moncktons inimitable commentary… Monckton is now a regular activist, outstunting the usual activists with his spectacular parschute entrance.

  4. DirkH

    Die Zeit reports: Durban conference is going into overtime; Röttgen had to re-book his flights, many delegates from poor nations have already disappeared for they “could not rearrange their flights” as a Greenpeace person complained, calling this the biggest injustice (usually, as we all know, Global Warming happens in poor countries far from home who have no thermometers and can’t re-book their flights).

  5. Bernd Felsche

    Not coming home until after winning the battle for The Cause.
    What about the promise that they’d be home for Christmas?

    BTW: Hasn’t Röttgen already exceeded his CO2 allocation?

    PS: No means to watch the video right now. The player “virus” won’t run under Linux.

  6. dave ward

    Further to Bernd Felsche’s comments – I keep getting a Firefox security warning that “wvc1dmo.CAB” is wanting to install itself. Being rather suspicious I Googled it and find it’s a Codec required by Microsoft Silverlight. I don’t have this installed (and like many other programmes) don’t want it! I guess its’ related to the video in this post?

  7. Jeremy Ashton

    I cant watch it because it required microsoft silverlight. Put it on YouTube so we can all watch it.

    1. Fred Parker

      See the webpage of UKIP Scotland blog, where Lord Monckton appears on the Alex Jones TV Show, along with Marc Morano, and the full uninterrupted message from Senator Inhofe. As well as that there is a long written analysis by Monckton and links to other materials from CFACT.

      Monckton on the proposed International Climate Court
      short URL:

      more on the AGW scams & etc also at that website.

  8. Charles Higley

    Yeah for Lord Monckton! He’s dead on target.

    Seawater is, in fact, a complex buffer system composed of a number of salts. Thus, the slight acidity dissolved CO2 might produce is easily handled and pH change is small.

    Only the addition of a separate acid source would affect the CO2/carbonic acid/bicarbonate ion/carbonate ion/calcium carbonate equilibrium, which is the case in the misguided chemistry-ignorant studies in which a different, probably strong (highly dissociated) acid is added to the water.

    Regarding the equilibrium described above, adding more CO2 would push this equilibrium toward calcium carbonate formation, facilitating coral reef growth, which is just what we have been seeing around the world for the last 30 years.

    Yep, Harry, the reefs are thriving, except where they are damaged by fishing nets, blown up by explosives, smothered with sediment, or killed by real chemical pollution.

  9. Russell C

    “….demands to know “who-the-hell” funds CFACT…”

    A shell game, entirely intended to distract the public from realizing that legitimate opposition to AGW exists. And this tactic goes all the way back to Al Gore’s 1992 Senate committee grilling of Dr Sherwood Idso’s ties to the Western Fuels Association, an irrelevant effort that proved no industry-funded fabrication of Idso’s science reports.

    It’s a tactic that would blow up in Gore’s face, when anyone considers the opposite set-up: Suppose the most reprehensible AGW scientist in existence – a tax-cheating, wife-beating, dog-kicking, mafia/drug cartel-funded individual – was able to brilliantly and irrefutably prove AGW. The scientist’s funding and his personality faults are irrelevant. The science conclusion in this hypothetical case is what it is.

    The IPCC’s own Jean-Pascal van Ypersele tried this same shell game in August – see and the “Update 1” at the bottom of this blog referencing my own online article about it. My most recent online article ( ) details how our own US White House was apparently involved in just such a shell game concerning the Oregon Petition Project.

    We have the most basic of questions to ask here: Is there not something critically wrong with the entire concept of AGW if it relies on this kind of shell game as a primary defense tactic anytime criticism is made against it?

  10. Dmitri

    Felix von Geyer teaches Energy Policy in global politics.
    (freelance sustainable development journalist)

    “Originally graduating in 1987, he became a human resources consultant later specializing in recruiting for the international oil and gas industry during the 1990s until the commodity downturn resulting from the 1998-1999 South-East Asian crisis.

    During this time he returned to read his MSc part-time in International Relations and Security Studies at Southampton University where he furthered his interests in globalization, energy and the new security agenda.”

    – so a graduate of the English Southampton School of Green Bunkum then.

    Pah !

  11. bubbagyro

    It goes to show what happens if you have too much acid on the brain…

  12. Felix

    Actually – Monckton`s answer was total bunkum. One, if global sampling of the oceans to determine PH levels has not been undertaken – how come he could assert its PH of 7.9-8.2 hadn’t really moved over time let alone state confidently that this is actually the PH scale?

    Also, by stating that pluvial rain at a PH of 5.5 dilutes localized acidification, he is overlooking the fact that 5.5 is actually very acid, significantly more acid than 5.6, the average PH for rainfall (again quite acid).

    This would hardly dilute the process of acidification of the oceans, rather add to its intensity. I think Monckton may have been playing around with the scale deliberately to give the impression that a lower number would impress people more.

    Well, it obviously worked with you lot. Thanks for the personal insults though.

    I suppose you all agree with him that the (chalk) White Cliffs of Dover are crumbling because there is not enough carbon in the atmosphere for them to calcify? I had an interesting chinwag with the geezer the following morning.

    1. DirkH

      How’s the globalization going, Felix? Already a global tax for the UN in the making? How much is your cut?

      1. Felix

        My cut? I wish…. Also I don`t have any handlers unlike many of the anti-GW/CC people which I believe is the largest marketing/campaign spend in history – more so than obfuscating the link between lung disease/cancer and smoking.

        Good thing about you guys – you always smash the person. not really the message. Interesting comment further up on the science however. Wasn’t really aware the coral reefs were doing quite so fine and eutrophication is having some effects.

        1. DirkH

          “Also I don`t have any handlers unlike many of the anti-GW/CC people which I believe is the largest marketing/campaign spend in history ”

          Oh, write that into the wikipedia, will ya. So I know you’re a liar, and you know it as well. And here I thought a warmist rent seeker would tell me how much money he manages to siphon off personally.

          BTW, I don’t need to attack “the science”; the IPCC did it for me already.

          How do you predict the climate 100 years from now with such flaws in iterative models? Answer: you don’t. The IPCC’s summary for policymakers is a lie.

          This is of course only one of many principal flaws in the models that totally rule out any predictive power.

          You warmists have turned climate science into the biggest scam on Earth. And that’s what you wanted to from the start.

        2. Ed Caryl

          Check your numbers! You have it exactly backwards.

          Most of us receive exactly NO money for the work we do.

  13. Ed Caryl

    Dirk, don’t be too hard on Felix. He has not read anything but what his handlers feed him, BS. There is a quite wide variation in both sea water Ph and rain Ph. There have been studies of both. A few minutes of Google search turned up these:

    Moncton was, of course, correct. All those numbers are well within the natural variation. Ocean Ph cycles just like everything else. By “no change” he means no change outside of the natural variation.

    1. DirkH

      I just asked because I’m considering career as a do-nothing rent-seeker.
      I’m already learning about the anti-growth agenda:

      Brussels, here I come!

      1. Ulrich Elkmann

        The most important part to learn is [obfuscatory] [politically correct] up-to-date phrasing:

        1. DirkH

          Adorno all over again.

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