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Global Warming Causes Lake Aussenalster To Freeze Solid – First Time In 15 Years!

Lake Aussenalster in Hamburg, Germany rarely freezes over enough to allow tens of thousands to go skating on it. The ice has to be at leat 18 cm thick before officials declare it safe to walk on. The last time that happened was in 1997. This weekend it was thick enough to do so again. […]

Leftist German TAZ Daily Article On Vahrenholt: “Climate Skeptics Are Like Viruses”

With the book out 6 days, parts of the the German mainstream media and green activists are finding the the whole affair really tough to digest. Some of the reactions have been downright nasty and Medieval. The left wing German online TAZ here has a weekend article called “Climate Skeptics Are Like Viruses“, which looks at […]

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