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Gleick Scandal Goes Global. Spiegel: “Climate Scientist Pilfers Secret Documents”

Warmist Spiegel journalist Axel Bojanowski presents today a story on Peter Gleick’s Fakegate scandal and on what it means. In a nutshell: climate science is far from settled and there is a bitter war waging between the skeptics and alarmists. Consensus does not exist! Climate scientist pilfers secret documents from a lobbyist group“ Spiegel writes […]

600,000 Households In Germany Without Power – “Increasing Energy Poverty Is Alarming”

Here’s Germany’s solution to saving energy and reducing its carbon foortprint- make electricity affordable only to a few rich people! German online DIE WELT daily has an article titled: Hundreds Of Thousands Have Had Their Power Turned Off. Germany’s power and gas has become so expensive thanks to its Renewable Energy Feed-in Act that it […]

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