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NASA Abdalati’s Response To 50 Esteemed Professionals Is Managerial Negligence – An Embarrassment

NASA chief scientist Waleed Abdalati has issued a response to the letter of protest from 50 former esteemed scientists, engineers and astronauts. Unfortunately, his response only adds to NASA’s embarrassment. Normally when a professional organisation gets a high level complaint from such a number of esteemed members, the first step is confirm and to look into […]

It’s The Claim “Antarctica Is Warming” That Is Disintegrating – And Not Much Else

Rudolf Kipp has written an essay on the false alarmism surrounding a warming Antarctica. What follows is the English version: ============================================ Every Year The Same Story – Ice Melt in Antarctica By Rudolf Kipp The topic of this article ought to handled in short order. When you take a look at the data from Antarctica, […]

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