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Hansen Shocks - Adjusts Antarctica Rothera Station Record...Changes Warming Trend To Cooling!

Hansen Shocks – Adjusts Antarctica Rothera Station Record…Changes Warming Trend To Cooling!

That’s not a misprint. This is what reader Ed Caryl has discovered in his following essay. I’m as shocked as you Ed. ============================================ Temperatures at the Larson Ice Shelf – Rothera Station By Ed Caryl This is a follow-up on the “It’s The Claim “Antarctica Is Warming” That Is Disintegrating – And Not Much Else” story. The […]

Envisat Now Space Junk? “Contact To Satellite Suddenly Interrupted” Since Sunday

There’s a lot of commotion about Envisat and it’s sea level measurements, which suddenly showed a mysterious surge, contradicting earlier measurements. Well, the German CO2 Handel here now reports that Envisat has stopped sending data. “Contact With Environmental Satellite Interrupted“. There’s apparently has been a malfunction. CO2 Handel writes: Europe’s largest Earth monitoring satellite «Envisat» […]

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