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Must Read! Forbes Magazine Writes Of “Rising Global Warming Discord…Rapidly Growing Skepticism”

It’ll soon be over. It’s all coming apart. You can only watch in awe. Forbes online has just published a consensus-shattering article by Larry Bell: Global Warming Chorus Discord Rising To Feverish Pitch. Some selected juicy excerpts… …leading voices in the Global Warming Gospel Choir are now abandoning the old climate crisis hymnal … ‘there’s […]

Vermont Senator Says State Energy Plan Has Become "A Blind Obsession"

Vermont Senator Says State Energy Plan Has Become “A Blind Obsession”

I got an e-mail from reader Thomas L. with a link to an opinion piece at Vermont Tiger titled “Fire On The Mountain“, written by Vermont state Senator Joe Benning. Vermont disfigures, self-mutilates its scenic ridgelines and mountains for the sake of a blind obsession. Source: It shows how public opinion on the issue of […]

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