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Energy Secretary Chu Has A Brilliant Idea: Electric Cars In A Country Where There’s No Electricity!

The mid-Atlantic of the USA has no power. And so one really has to wonder about the sheer brilliance of Energy Secretary Chu’s latest idea – more electric cars for a country that can no longer provide its citizens with a steady supply of electricity. I have a question for Secretary Chu: Even if electric cars were […]

Journal Of Climate Change: Last 15 Years, Netherlands Has Seen The Fewest Number Of Storms Since Records Began

At Der Spiegel Axel Bojanowski writes a story about a study appearing in the journal Climate Change:  A 101 year record of windstorms in the Netherlands. The results of the study are revealing. Let us recall that in Germany and within many circles of “experts” the prevailing wisdom is that man-made global warming is leading to more […]

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