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Vahrenholt Buries Another Climate Scientist In Debate – Claims IPCC Scientists “Have Colossally Exaggerated Warming”

UPDATE: See debate video in German: All Stocker had for arguments was: 1) insisting Mann’s phony hockey stick was still valid 2) claiming there’s scientific consensus, and 3) we can trust the models! Their science is that bad, folks. I never would have believed it. The IPCC is really looking like a comedy act. One […]

Ross McKitrick And German Professor In Berlin To Present Mann’s Hockey Stick, GISS Temperature Alterations

Ross McKitrick prominent exposer of the IPCC hockey stick scandal comes to Berlin By: W. Müller, M. Limburg (Translated/edited by NoTricksZone) Prof. Ross McKitrick, economist and statistician of the University of Guelph (Toronto, Canada) will make a speech in the Haus der Zukunft (House of the Future) at Albrechtstraße 11 in Berlin on 17 September […]

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