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My Latest Prediction Shows Romney Barely Squeaking By 270 - 268...Every Vote Will Count!

My Latest Prediction Shows Romney Barely Squeaking By 270 – 268…Every Vote Will Count!

A couple of days back I put forth my more optimistic projection: Romney 310; Obama 228. See foxnews.2012-race-predictions. This morning I took one final look and applied a more worst-case scenario. We can’t expect most toss-up states to go to Romney. So here’s my more worst-case scenario prediction, swing states in bold. With a little […]

Get Out And Vote! Remember The Words Of Nobel Laureate Milton Friedman…

Most of you may have seen this already, but it is always good as a reminder. Friedman schooling the hopeless ideologue Phil Donahue. If you want to know where the masses are worse off, it is exactly in the kinds of societies where they depart from that. The record of history is absolutely crystal clear […]

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