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University Of Graz Apologizes...Yet Left Parncutt's Hate Speech And Death Penalty List Link Up At Site For 2 Months!

University Of Graz Apologizes…Yet Left Parncutt’s Hate Speech And Death Penalty List Link Up At Site For 2 Months!

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Share this…FacebookTwitterA reader sent an e-mail to the University of Graz concerning Prof Richard Parncutt’s call for the death penalty (see following figure) for those who dare to doubt IPCC climate dogma. Snipped from: Here’s the reply the reader got from the University of Graz by email today: Die Karl-Franzens-Universität Graz ist bestürzt und […]

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German/Austrian Academia Descends Into Madness – A Reaction To Parncutt’s Death Penalty Calls For Science Critics

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Share this…FacebookTwitterParts of European academia have obviously lost their marbles, as one apparently crazed professor has called for the death penalty for people who disagree with the IPCC dogma. Call it an interesting case of budding extreme fanaticism. University of Graz professor calls for the death penalty for people who question the IPCC. ======================================== Dire […]

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