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German Scientists Shoot Down Recent Claims Of “Rapid Warming” In Antarctica – Overall Continent Is Cooling!

If you can’t find any real warming on the planet (which scientists haven’t been able to do now for 15 years), then you have to make up something that looks like warming, i.e. create dummy warming. This is precisely the case with a new paper on Western Antarctica. ========================================== Western Antarctica warms more quickly than […]

University Of Graz “Death To Deniers!” Professor Richard Parncutt Calls For The Execution Of Pope Benedict

It’s nice to see that academia in Austria is getting more and more tolerant with every passing day. In fact we haven’t seen this level of tolerance in about 70 years. University of Graz Professor Richard Parncutt. Photo source: Uni-Graz./ There’s been much buzz in the blogs recently about the seemingly psychotic music professor calling […]

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