Hamburg Germany Now Indoctrinating Children In Climate Activism – At Its Primary Schools!

The belief that humans are destroying the climate and that we can prevent “the catastrophe” simply by committing green acts is alive and well – especially in Hamburg, Germany. With a little brainwashing quality education, everything is possible. (Hat-tip Bernd Felsche).

The European Institute for Climate and Energy (EIKE) here tells us how the German city of Hamburg has instituted a climate-education program dubbed: Climate Protection At Schools with the slogan: “Climate – we’re acting!“.

In Hamburg schools of every level are encouraged (er, pressured) to implement their own “climate protection plan”. And by doing so, they can get the official “climate school seal of approval”. For example, here you’ll find the list of schools that have officially become “Climate Schools” for 2012/13.

Criteria for getting the climate school seal of approval include: “drawing up a climate protection plan” along with “deciding on concrete pedagogical targets and CO2 saving goals” and these “targets must be short, mid and long term” and they have to “be backed up by measures, deadlines and responsibilities“, to name a few.

And schools can get the full support from city “advisers” for an entire range of climate protection aspects such as “energy saving, project and team assistance, seminars on climate protection and energy, or curriculum design for elementary schools“.

Sadly, as one plainly sees, climate in Germany is hardly a science, but an increasingly fanatic religion where everyone believes they have a solemn duty to rescue the climate. The masses, which now include very young children, are coerced by a powerful forces that use subtle but effective tactics: play along, or you’ll be marginalized, or worse.

In general children are taught that “being green” is being superior, and thus allows you to lecture the rest of the world. Green supremacy.

In fact, comparing a true climate protection believer to a skeptic in Germany is like comparing a saint to a miscreant. That’s what the green movement is aiming at.

Is it any wonder we recently saw a professor at the University of Graz calling for climate skeptics to be executed?

My, what a tolerant, enlightened and open-minded movement climate change has become. And what a wonderful education for our children.

Now for you children in Hamburg, Germany, be sure to do something for the climate today…just like they do in Britain…no pressure, really:

For first-time viewers of that sick little clip above, please be aware that it was produced by green activists 2 years ago, with the full enthusiasm of green groups all in an effort to coerce people to be green and to prevent the end of the world, as predicted by the PIK Mayan calendar.


6 responses to “Hamburg Germany Now Indoctrinating Children In Climate Activism – At Its Primary Schools!”

  1. ArndB

    There is more available about the subject “climate education” in Hamburg, at:
    ___Hamburg Education Server (Hamburg Bildungsserver) /Climate Change (Klimawandel)
    Impressum: Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg
    ___Office of the Senate/Major (Senatskanzlei);
    ___Press office (press office)
    Sponsored by:
    ___University Hamburg”
    __“Klima Campus” (Scientists from 18 different institutes of the University of Hamburg as well as none-university partners such as the Max Planck Institute for Meteorology, the Helmholtz-Zentrum Geesthacht and the German Climate Computing Centre. The nucleus of the KlimaCampus is the Cluster of Excellence „Integrated Climate System Analysis and Prediction“ (CliSAP) of the University of Hamburg, which is funded in the framework of the Excellence Initiative of the German federal and state Governments.) More at:

  2. John Shade

    What a mess there is to be cleared up in school curricula and in the minds of children and their teachers when the political tide turns even further and the disgrace of climate alarmism is exposed more widely.

    I have added your post to my collection on climate curricula here:

  3. John F. Hultquist

    One of the major problems in US schools is called bullying. It has grown to such an issue because electronic media and large schools allow it to exist unseen. Suicide can follow. See here:

    I guess it is okay though when done by government, schools and green groups.

  4. Bernd Felsche

    It’s odd that satire on the programme was previously “aired” on ARD; more than a year ago. Obviously (deliberately), when nobody was watching.

    The satire included a round-table discussion with school staff. You can feel the sense of all the staff members trying to do a better job of protecting the climate than the previous one.

    Indoctrination in absurdities. Parncutt’s web page thereby justifies the atrocities.

    The “Klimabeauftragte” (Climate Envoys) in the classrooms are the gullible advance guard; there to monitor correct behaviour convince other students and teachers that they should do the right thing.

    Germans seem to have learnt well from history.

  5. Jeremy Poynton


    I gather it’s happening in the UK as well. Happily my “kids” are all adults, so have not been subjected to this. And a happy exception is the Steiner Schools here, where they still teach Science rather than propaganda.

    It is truly terrible; indeed the Left in the UK have all but destroyed real education in state schools. Kids are now taught “values”, rather than the knowledge needed to come to their own conclusions. Indeed, they are not taught as we once knew it, rather “taught how to learn”.

  6. DirkH

    When was it, I think in 2011, that Hamburg was the European Climate Capital.
    My Greenpeace boss (a Hamburger) showed me the program of activities. I skipped the events and went for the list of grants instead. It looked like every PR agency in Hamburg had gotten a few 100 K EUR to create some propaganda event. (In Museums, the planetarium and wherever one can hold an even)
    The victims that were to be dragged through these events were the schoolkids and Kindergarten kids.

    The bureaucracies that profited from that “climate capital year” probably want more free money and therefore continue with this climate stuff.

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